The heaven of earth, Kasmir, is renowned for its incredible beauty. Every year thousands of people crowd the place to see the stunning views. Nonetheless, the food dishes of Kashmir also appeal to the people. Embellished with rich flavor in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, you should try the dishes at least once.

Here is a list of the classic food dishes of Kashmir:

 1. Mutton Rogan Josh

Coming right from the kitchen of Kashmiri Kitchen, Mutton Rogan Josh is a dish you will love. The tender pieces of mutton melt in the mouth. Moreover, the burst of flavor in each bite is not easy to forget once you try it.

The ingredient required for Rogan Josh is mutton, onions, fresh yogurt, spices, and more. Although the dish looks spicy, it is not. The classic red tinge comes from the red Kashmiri chili powder.

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2. Yakhni Lamb Curry 

The word, Yakhni, defines a light curry or broth made of meat, yogurt, and saffron. This authentic Kashmiri dish, Yakhni Lamb Curry, is also a part of the celebratory Wazwan. The pieces of meat dipped in the thick broth taste heavenly.

The recipe for the Lamb Curry includes a variety of spices, such as cinnamon, bay leaves, cardamom, and more. Pair it with a bowl of steaming rice, and relish the flavor.

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3. Paneer Chaman

If you are a vegetarian, try this traditional Kashmiri dish, Paneer Chaman. Prepare with cottage cheese, this dish is perfect if you want to try something unique.

Make the dish for your loved ones and surprise them with this treat. The flavor of the spices and ghee will make you hungry. Have it with a bowl of rice or bread.

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4. Kashmiri Saag

Winter feels incomplete without the clasic Saag dishes. You might have had Punjabi style, Sarson da Saag, but have you tried the Kashmiri Saag? This classic Kashmiri dish will keep your body warm in harsh temperatures. 

Aside from the winter, there is a variety of Shaag available in Kashmir all around the year. The dish is on the menu for all major events and festivals in Kashm

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5. Khatte Baingan

Do you like Baingan ka Varta? If the answer is yes, then you should give it a go to this dish. Originating in Kashmir, Khatte Baingan is one of the popular food dishes for the natives. It is also served as a side dish in Kashmiri feasts and ceremonies.

As the name suggests, the dish has a spicy and sour taste. It is the perfect dish to surprise your vegan and vegetarian friends.

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6. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is one of the most favored food dishes of Kashmir. The golden fried potatoes plunged in the rich yogurt curry will bring water to your mouth.

You can make Dum Aloo easily at home. The recipe includes small potatoes, spices, and more. Moreover, it is a dish that can be enjoyed by everyone. Serve with a bowl of rice or roti.

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7. Nadur Churma

The flower of India, the Lotus, is one of the major food in the diet of Kashmiris. Encircled by lakes, the state has ample of these ingredients. Nadur Churma, or Lotus stem fry, is one of the famous snacks enjoyed by the people of Kashmir.

Rich in protein, this snack is also healthy for your body. Moreover, the crispy texture and delicious taste can give an equal fight with the French Fries.

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8. Chicken Pulao

Harboring the authentic flavor of Kashmir, Kashmiri Chicken Pulao is one of the dishes you should try at least once in your lifetime. Relish the rich taste of whole spices, Kashmiri chilies, and desi ghee.The nuts, dried fruits, saffron, and fresh fruits enhance the taste.

It is the perfect food to have on your lunch. You can have the dish as it is, but it tastes more delicious with Mirchi Salan or a Raita.

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9. Phirni

The Kashmiri Phirni is worth trying if you have a sweet tooth. It is a classic in the festive occasions of Kashmir. This dessert, made of rice, milk, saffron, and cardamom, tastes scrumptious.

You can make Phirni at home. Add dry fruits and rose essence to enhance the flavor.

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