Planning a wedding has many optional aspects. You can ditch the cake, ditch the flowers, and wear a costume instead of a dress, but you can never give up instead. You need to have a place where your guests can meet and celebrate with you. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect banquet hall for your special day.

  1. The expected number of guests: When looking for a banquet hall, think about how many guests you want to include for your big day. In 2019, the average couple invited around 340 guests to their wedding, but that doesn’t have to be their limit. If you have 500 guests, you want to have that day; the banquet hall should accommodate them all. If your wedding isn’t just for guests, keep in mind that your friends and family could do something extra by giving them freedom. Make room for a few more people just in case.

An empty room may seem huge, but the things most important to the wedding will fill it. Your guests need some freedom of movement and you need enough space for your first dance, a DJ or the band, the buffet and the bar if you want to brew beer. You can check the venue if there is another wedding of the same size or work with an event provider who has been in the business for many years. They give you the exact fit.

2. Check the availability of wedding venues – If you are opting for a banquet hall, you have already set a wedding date. Please discuss the availability of the room on the date of your choice with the rental of the banquet room. Keep in mind that most of the best places book quickly, so don’t wait too long to book the room. If you see a beautiful ballroom vacant on your preferred date, hurry up and post a deposit so you don’t miss a thing.

3. Make sure the banquet hall is what you want it to be: what type of wedding do you have in mind? Are you thinking of something modern or something historic? Your vision for the wedding plays an important role in choosing the perfect banquet hall for the events. With your planner, determine if you will realize the concept in the hallways you assessed and what it takes to harmonize each element. The great thing about a banquet hall is that it can be transformed into almost anything, but your vision still has to adapt.

4. Consider privacy: The privacy you want in the room depends on the location and your preferences.  It is common for several events to take place at the same time in the banquet halls.  If other events are going on alongside your big day, you need to make sure that your guests and those at the other event are comfortable.  If this bothers you, reserve the space when there is no other event.

It is best to visit the venue if there is a double party and check out how the audio is streamed and if there are any major issues that need to be addressed.  Most companies that have been in business for years have experience of double playing and will get it right.

5. This is what lighting looks like: Lighting is important in setting the mood for your wedding.  If you are organizing during the day, make sure your ballroom has enough windows to let in natural light. A party should have a well-lit room, so make sure the hallway isn’t too dark. Perhaps you are considering adding some extra lights, in which case hallway lighting will not only accentuate your ideas.

Choosing the right location is an important part of a successful day.  A room with an exceptional view that your guests will appreciate is a plus.  Follow the tips above and stick with yourself and your vision.