Hotels are all around the world. Some are ordinary with the common amenities, while others are extraordinary with several luxuries. Today we have some of the best hotels around the world with unique features.

Here are some of the unique hotels around the world that will make you wonder:

1. The Muraka, Maldives

Embraced by the Indian Ocean, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. The two-story, three-bedroom undersea residence is a sight to behold.

Explore the marine life from the glass wall of this underwater resort. In the middle of the Ocean, this tranquil and pristine beauty will enchant you. Apart from the beautiful vista, the resort offers a modern, domed design and 24-hour butler service.

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2. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland is the perfect place to spend a night in an authentic igloo. Encircled by the forest along the Kakslauttanen river, this place is beautiful beyond words.

Get cozy in the freezing temperature with a hot cup of cocoa or wine sitting on the fireplace. You can also take a dip in the sauna.

Hotel website: https://www.kakslauttanen

3. Ottoman Cave Suites, Turkey

If you’ve ever had the desire to sleep in a cave, visit Turkey. This mystical Cappadocia region of Turkey looks like a site from a fantasy world. With thousands of rock formations and historical heritage, the place is bewildering. 

There are several hotels carved into the land’s ancient stones. Amongst those, the Ottoman Cave Suites is the most extraordinary one. The dramatic Ottoman-themed rooms with velour furnishings, and Turkish art, is like a piece of art.

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4. No Man’s Fort, UK

Built-in 1860 with cutting-edge Victorian engineering technology, No Man’s Fort is the largest of three spectacular artificial forts. It was a line of defense against enemy attacks on the Solent and Portsmouth.

Since the fort is in the middle of the sea, you have to hire or take your private boat to reach it. With 22 luxurious rooms and suites, this hotel is an ideal tourist spot.

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5. Tree Hotel, Sweden

Live your childhood dream in the Treehotel in Harads. Experience the beautiful mother nature in the houses on the treetops.

Nestled 4-6 meters above ground, the hotel offers an exclusive site of the wild Lule River valley. Covered in pearl white snow, it looks ravishing.

Hotel website: http://www.treehotel

6. Palacio De Sal, Bolivia

Uncovered on the banks of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the hotel Palacio De Sal looks majestic. You will be amazed to know that the hotel is entirely built with salt, including walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and sculpture.

Constructed in 1998, the hotel is also the first salt hotel in the world. Experience the rich natural beauty, and diverse landscapes of Bolivia.

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7. Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Nestled between the Manuel Antonio National Park and the Pacific Ocean, Hotel Costa Verde is for those who love nature. The lush greenery of the coastal rainforest as well as the bottomless deep blue ocean will help you find inner peace. 

Enjoy a pleasant vacation, relishing the exotic foods in the two open-air cafes. You can also swim at the outdoor pools and practice yoga in this tranquil atmosphere.

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