We all love visiting diners and cafes and trying out new dishes. The interior, ambiance, and food are one of the main factors we consider when choosing a restaurant. However, did you know there are several restaurants and cafes with different and unique themes all over the world? The theme of these eateries represents some bizarre ideas and senses of humor of their owners.

The demand for these Theme Restaurants and Cafes has been increasing day by day. People love venturing to new destinations, and these diners are also perfect for some insta-worthy photos. That is why today we have picked some of the best Theme Restaurants and Cafes around the world. Have a unique dining experience with some of the best theme cafes and restaurants around the World:

1. The Lock-Up, Japan

Experience fine dining as a prisoner at the Lock-Up cafe in Tokyo. As weird as it sounds, there is actually a restaurant with a jail theme in Japan.

The welcoming gesture of this restaurant is a little unique. When you arrive at the restaurant, you will find yourself handcuffed. An employee will take you to a dungeon where you can order your food.

2. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

What do you think about eating in a toilet? Feels nasty, right? However, there is a restaurant in Taiwan with a toilet theme.

Modern Toilet restaurant with a fun and bizarre concept attracts guests from all over the world. The interior and decoration of the restaurant hold several toilet accessories. Instead of chairs, the guest sits on modern Western-style toilets. The kitchen ware are also in the shape of toilet. Even though it feels weird, you will have a good time.

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3. The Hello Kitty Restaurant, Taipei

The Hello Kitty-themed restaurant in Taipei is the place to visit if you have kids. They will love the pink, fluffy, and magical ambiance of the venue. Even if you do not have kids, you can stop by your friends for a fun weekend. 

The place is a must-visit for pink-lovers. Not only the interior but also the food and staff uniforms are pink. You can try their Kitty-shaped burgers, cakes, and other dishes.

4. Ninja, New York

Take a glance at the medieval era of Japan in the mystifying eatery of New York City, Ninja. This Ninja-themed restaurant will give you a pleasant experience.

There is a Ninja waiting to welcome their guests. They lead their guests to the Ninja village via a secret passage. Enjoy your meal watching the fire, smoke, and sword tricks.

5. Platform 1094, Singapore

Let your inner wizard/ witch escape in the mystical eatery of Singapore, Platform 1094. This restaurant is must visit for the Harry Potter fans.

Pick up your chosen wand and order through Spellbooks. Platform 1094 offers several Western dishes, including artisan desserts, confections, and drinks. Some of the food has names inspired by the franchise, like Arendelle, Amnesia Blend, and Fairy’s Garden.

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6. Disaster Cafe, Spain

As the name suggests, Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain, reflex calamity. This restaurant will suddenly start shaking, and the electricity will be cut off. However, do not worry because the theme of this eatery is earthquakes.

If you want any tips before visiting this restaurant, then just do not wear light-colored clothes. The restaurant simulates a 7.8 earthquake, and you might spill food or drinks.

7. Buns & Guns, Lebanon

If you love handguns, then you will surely love this military-themed restaurant in Lebanon, Buns, and Guns. This unique theme is an attraction to the locals as well as the travelers.

You can find several guns, ammunition, and camouflage netting on the restaurant walls. Besides, the gunfire and helicopter sounds in the background will set the mood. The dishes also have the names of army machines such as the Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper, and B52.

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