The lion city, Singapore, is an attraction to travelers across the world. The lush greenery, splendid architecture, and heritage make the place more unique. Singapore is a congregation of different cultures, including India, China, and others coexisting in harmony. You can also see the diversity in the cuisine. Here are some of the famous food of Singapore:

1. Chicken rice

Singapore-style chicken rice is a simple yet delicious lunch you can have. Prepared with a few ingredients, including rice, poached chicken, soy sauce, and chili garlic dip, will please your stomach as well as your heart.

Chicken rice is also considered one of the national dishes of Singapore. The oozing chicken broth on top of steamed rice tastes scrumptious.

2. Chili crab

This seafood dish of Singapore, Chili Crab, is world-famous for its unique tastes. The sweet yet savory crabs with a bit of spiciness will make you drool.

The ingredients used in the preparation of the dish are mud crabs,  chili sauce, tomato ketchup, and eggs. The lightly fried steamed crabs tossed in the luscious gravy taste heavenly. Take a plate of chili crab and gobble it with bread or a steam bun.

3. Nasi lemak

This Malaysian dish, Nasi lemak, holds a significant part of the heritage of Singapore. This full-course meal with coconut rice, omelet, anchovies, cucumber, and chili paste can enlighten your mood. You can have it for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

There are a variety of methods to make Nasi Lemak based on the region. In the Singapore-Malaysian style, the dish is sweeter and less spicy. You can find vendors as well as big restaurants selling Nasi lemak all over Singapore.

4. Roti Prata

The Indian-based crispy bread Roti Prata served with curry or daal is comfort food you can have if you feel down. The dish is also well-known as Roti Canai.

Apart from the traditional Roti Prata, there are a variety of flavors. Some of them are meat, egg, cheese, and mushroom. You can also find sweet Roti Prata in condensed milk, chocolate or strawberry jam, and other flavors.

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5. Laksa

The rice noodles, Laksa, are alluring to any food-lover. The rich, savory broth with chicken, prawn, and fish toppings is flavorsome.

The origin of the dish is from the South Asian region. Laksa is not only famous in Singapore but also in other countries. In Singapore-style, the noodles are cut into smaller pieces so you can eat the entire dish with a spoon.

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6. Satay

This South-Asian delicacy Satay is a famous food in Thailand, Singapore, and other states. The skewered and grilled meat dipped in a sauce is mouth-watering. Apart from that, you can also find fish, egg, and vegetable skewers.

You can eat Satay with rice cakes. The recipe and the flavor of the dish change depending on the region. 

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7. Bak kut teh and rice

Favored in Malaysia and Singapore, Bak kut teh is perfect to have as your breakfast. The slowly cooked broth with steamed rice tastes delicious and gives you the energy to start the day.

There are multiple varieties of Bak kut teh, including mushrooms, chicken, tofu, and more.

8. Fish head curry

The Singaporean dish, Fish head curry,  came from authentic Indian as well as Chinese cuisines. In some versions, tamarind juice is added to give a sweet-sour taste.

The fish head curry with assorted vegetables such as okra and eggplants goes well with rice and bread. Have a glass of the local lemon ‘calamansi’ juice.

9. Char siu meats

The Cantonese-style barbecue pork Char siu is a popular dish among Singaporeans. The long strips of seasoned pork loin, fat, and belly placed in a covered oven or over a fire have a smoky flavor. 

The spiciness from the herbs and sweetness from honey, syrups, or sugar is delectable. Have it with a bowl of steaming noodles or rice.

10. Sambal Stingray

Stingray is a famous street food in the states of Malaysia and Singapore as it takes a few minutes to cook. You can find hawkers’ stalls in almost every alley. 

The sambal paste comprises herbs as well as garlic, sugar, parsley, and more. The pieces of stingray marinated in the paste cook for a few minutes are appetizing.

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