Christmas is a commemoration of the birth of The Son of God, Jesus Christ. Every year on December 25, this religious holiday is a worldwide sensation. Kids all over the world await for Santa Claus to arrive.  Christmas is an ideal time to share time with your family and friends, with all the customs, including Exchanging gifts, decorating trees, attending church, and having fine meals. But do you know some countries do not celebrate Christmas? 

Here is a list of seven countries that do not celebrate Christmas and the reason behind it:

1. Afghanistan

The country of Afghanistan has a stormy relationship with Christianity. This Muslim country is not fond of Christians and does not celebrate Christmas.

The Era of Cold War: 

During the Cold War, both the US and the Soviet Union strive to gain footholds in Afghanistan. The involvement through military intervention left a bitter taste to the natives.

The Christian and Islam Tussle: 

The tension between Christians and other minority faiths intensified during the Taliban rule of the 1990s. The situation has evolved over the decades and is likely to continue.

Being a strict Muslim country, they do not allow Christmas celebrations. You can even get punished for not following the regulations.

2. Algeria

Algeria is another Muslim-engulfed nation, where celebrating Christmas is a controversial fact. That is why, it has become one of the countries that do not celebrate Christmas.

Christianity after Freedom: 

After regaining its independence from France in 1962, Algeria has not officially commemorated Christmas. The law allows the practice and manifestation of other faiths. But confine the minority religions to convert natives to their religion. Building and repairing Churches are also prohibited.

 Despite the fact, there are unofficial festivals held in some parts of Algeria. The small population occupied by the African migrants, alongside envoys and locals of the country, celebrate small celebrations every year.

3. North Korea

The country North Korea holds a hostile attitude towards Christmas. It is one of those countries where Christmas is not a celebration.

Being an atheist country, North Korea doesn’t allow any Christmas courtesy for believers. And Christmas is just like any other day.

4. Brunei

The Islam enriched country Brunei publicized Christmas as a public holiday. Despite this fact, the prohibition of public celebration of the day by Non-Muslims has been in effect since 2015.

Christians living in the state can go to churches and celebrate with friends and family at home. However, Public decorations are not allowed. You have to ask the authorities first for confirmation. 

5. China

Christmas and Christianity as a whole are not celebrated in China. Singing Christmas carols in public is not permitted due to strict laws.

Although Christmas is not a public holiday in China, the day is more like a fun day. But you can still see the malls and streets of the big cities decorated with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and other things. People of China celebrate the day as a festival rather than a religious celebration.

6. Comoros

Christians in Comoros can not convey their religion freely in public. The Sunni Muslims in the Comoros archipelago took a firm stance against Christianity.

 As a result, Christians have to face legal consequences. And so does Christmas. The native Christians are not allowed to celebrate the day publicly. The country has been on the world watch list for the persecution of Christians for the past 22 years.

7. England

Albeit the fact seems unbelievable, but  Christmas celebration was prohibited during the era of Oliver Crownweel. The Military and Political leader Oliver Cromwell defeated and executed King Charles I. He destroyed the monarchy during the English Civil War.

Christmas finally returned to London after Cromwell’s death in 1658. Most families have a Christmas tree for the big day. And spend the day with delicious food and beverages.

Celebrating a grand festival is well and good. But Christmas is all about spreading love with your close ones. Even though Christmas is not celebrated in some countries, you can still enjoy the day with your friends and family.

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