Winter has reached the corner, and the festive season too. As the cold wind blows, we prepare to welcome the new year. But before this, another special celebration that makes us wait all around the year is Christmas. And the most fun and amusing facts of that is waiting for Santa Clause. The white-bearded man in his red-white outfit made us impatient in our childhood. 

Not only Children anxiously but also adults await to meet with their loved ones, share gifts, and enjoy lavish dinners. Santa holds a great emotion in every human, no matter the religion. But did you know that there are many intriguing stories around him? Some of these are bizarre, while others represent the Santa we see now.

Here are a few Fun Facts about Santa Clause:

1. The Real Name Of Santa

Have you ever wondered what the real name of Santa Clause is? Was he always called by this name or bestowed? Well, based on some folklore, Santa Claus was actually a priest named Saint Nicholas. The historical records about St. Nick go back to the 3rd Century. He was born around 260 A.D. into a Christian family. 

He studied to become a priest and was a Christian leader. However, he had to spend time in prison for his beliefs. In his lifetime, he became renowned for protecting his people. St Nicholas was a kind-hearted person who helped poor children. He used to send gifts to them, which made him popular with the children. 

2. The Home of Santa

Although the story of Saint Nicholas is widely popular, there is some debate about the residence of Santa. According to medieval texts, his birthplace was near the town of Myra, now called Demre, on the southwest coast of modern Turkey. 

However, some people believe that Santa lives at the North Pole, while others think he is from Lapland. Regardless, there is a Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle that you can visit.

3. The Chimney Delivery

There are many stories of how Santa delivers his presents. These myths began with a bag of gold falling down the chimney of a poor man. He could not afford the dowry for his daughter’s marriage. And St. Nicolaus helped him with gold. Thus began the tale of Santa Claus delivering gifts through the fireplace.

Besides, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving, described a better way for Santa to deliver presents in his story. Irving wrote a short story called ‘Knickerbocker’s History of New York in 1812. In the tale, he described the way of delivering gifts to Santa.

4. Outfits of Santa

Even though we are used to seeing Santa in red and white clothes, it was not the same in the beginning. Over the centuries, the robe of Santa Claus has evolved. In January 1863, the magazine Harper’s Weekly published the first illustration of St Nicholas wearing a Stars and Stripes outfit.

The most famous portrayal of Santa that we see now was revealed on January 1st, 1881. With a big red belly, an arm full of toys, and smoking a pipe, this is the look we see now.

5. Coca-Cola and Santa

According to some rumors, there is some connection between Coca-cola and Santa, but it’s not true. Long before coke existed, St. Nicholas kept the red robes because it was his favorite color. 

However, coke started using Santa in its advertising to promote its brand in 1931. In 1995 they introduced the Coca-Cola Christmas truck in the Holidays are coming TV ads. The red truck, covered with lights and the classic Coke Santa, is now a part of Christmas history.

6. Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer 

We all know Santa and the reindeer that pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve. The carts are filled with gifts for the good children in the world. The red-nosed reindeer Rudolph with its eight friends brings happiness to people. They are Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer, and Blixem. 

Photo by Norman Tsui on Unsplash

We may all think the reindeer are boys, but surprisingly, they might well be all girls! The reason behind this assumptions is thet only female reindeer keep their antlers throughout winter.

7. The Mighty Mutant- Santa

Another fun facts about Santa Clause is that he might be a mutant hiding his powers from the world. If you love Marvel Comics, you might already know the mutant abilities of Santa.


In the stories of the Marvel comic universe Earth-616, Santa is an Omega-level mutant. An omega-level mutant has one of the powerful genetic potentials of its mutant abilities.

Mutant Abilities

Santa possesses powers like immortality, telepathy, teleportation, weather manipulation, molecular manipulation, immunity to cold and heat, and gravity manipulation. The device Cerebro registered Santa as the most powerful mutant in Marvel Comics.

The festive season will be here soon, with its Christmas trees, bright lights, and shopping sprees!  We hope you have enjoyed this fun fact about  Santa Claus and have a safe and relaxing holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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