Have you ever wondered how it would feel to float on the vast ocean on a  Luxury Yacht in the world with top-class hospitality? Well, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. 

However, owning a luxury yacht has become a status symbol. Over the years, the popularity of these ships has increased. These beautiful vessels can cost from millions to billions.

Here is the list of the top 7 Luxury Yacht in The world:

1. The History Supreme

Right at the top of the extravagance of yachts is â HISTORY SUPREME â. This vessel is probably the most expensive yacht in the world. The owner of the ship is Robert Knox, the wealthiest person in Malaysia, and worth about 4.5 billion dollars.

This 100ft luxury yacht took about three years to conclude. The vessel retains 100,000 kilograms of solid gold. Platinum and other valuables embellished the dining area, deck, railings, staircase, and anchor look lavish.

The master sleeping quarter has platinum embedded. The border segment made from meteoric stone, with a carving of a Dinosaur is mesmerising.

2. Eclipse 

Constructed by Blohm and Voss of Germany and designed by Terence Disdale, Eclipse is one of the most luxurious in the world. The owner of Eclipse is a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. This 162.5-meter longship offers massive space for luxury as well as relaxing activities. 

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The ship has an intruder detection system, missile raider, and a mini-submarine. Moreover, the torpedo is capable of immersing up to 50 meters underwater. The primary bedroom of the vessel has armor-plating and bulletproof windows. 

Besides that, it also features helipads, 24 visitor cabins, a disco arena, two swimming pools, and hot tubs. 

3. Streets of Monaco

The luxury Yacht Streets of Monaco is a miniature version of the famous  Monaco Grand Prix track, tennis courts, swimming pools, also a bar. The ship is worth about 1 Billion. The billionaire who possesses this vessel is the Russian magnate Roman Abramovich.

This 500 feet long yacht represents a floating city. The grand suite of the yacht includes three floors and has a private elevator, an office, a living room, terraces, and sundecks. Aside from that, the yacht also holds a barbecue, a mini waterfall, a cafe cum bar, helicopters, and submarines. 

The ship has seven guest suites with reception rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and balconies attached to them. Thus can accommodate up to 16 guests and 70 crew. 

4. Azzam

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and also the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, is the owner of the Luxury Yacht Azzam. Launched in 2013, Azzam is worth about 600 million dollars, representing the determination of its owner.

The 590 feet long yacht is one of the fastest luxury yachts with a pace of 35km/h. Designed by a French interior decorator Christophe Leoni, it has elegant interiors comprising the empire style.

Azzam can house up to 36 guests in utmost comfort, and there is a crew of about 70 and 80 people.

5. Superyacht A

The possessor of the Luxury Yacht, Superyacht A, is a Russian entrepreneur and industrialist, Andrey Melnichenko. This 119-meter long vessel is a masterpiece of Architect Martin Francis and Designer Philippe Stark. 

The ship features mirrored veneers embellishing the interiors and furniture. It also has a helicopter hanger, speedboat, and 3 swimming pools.

Aside from the primary bedroom, the ship has six guest suites and can accommodate 14 guests and 42 crew members. , add to the luxury aspect of the yacht.


The owner of Luxury Yacht Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is a monarch of Dubai and Vice President/Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. 

This $400 million extravagant yacht is 531 feet long. The construction of the ship was done by Blohm and Voss. The designer of the exterior is  Andrew Winch, while the interior designer is Platinum Yachts. 


The vessel also contains a mosaic swimming pool, circular staircase, helipad, sunbathing areas, and several jacuzzis. This yacht can house 155 guests, including the crew members.


Billionaire Mohammed bin Salman is the owner of one of the largest Luxury Yachts in the world, Serene. The sleek exterior of Serine was a work of leading yacht designer Espen Oeino. Reymond Langton Design was the interior designer.

Serene contains multiple pools, helipads, a submarine, spa pools, a snow room, a steam room, and more. There is also an outdoor cinema hall, piano room, a bar, conference room, sauna, Hammam beauty center, and other luxurious features. It can accommodate around 24 guests and 52 crew members

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