The eastern state of India, Bihar, is famous for its authenticity. The birthplace of two religions, including Jainism, and Buddhism, makes the city renowned all over the world. The same goes for food too. Bihar has some classic food dishes savored by people all over India.

Here are some classic food dishes of Bihar:

1. Litti Chokha

Who has not heard the name of Litti Chokha? This authentic delicacy of Bihar has won the heart of many. You can have the dish at any time of the day.

Litti is made of wheat flour with a stuffing of gram flour, pulses, herbs, and spices. The round-shaped balls are then charred in the oven. Coat these with ghee and savor with Chokha, as in Baingan Ka Bharta.

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2. Chana Ghugni

Have you ever tried ghughni? This delicious food of Bihar will make your mouth watery. Moreover, it is healthy and full of protein.

Making Ghughni is indeed effortless. Soak the chickpeas overnight and boil them. After that add spice, and your snack is ready. Top it with onions, chat masala, and tango chutney to enhance the flavor.

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3. Sattu 

The staple food of Bihar, Sattu, is the perfect food to beat the heat. Be it Sarbat or Paratha, this ingredient is a fan favorite not only in Bihar but all over India.

Enjoy the Parathas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. The Sarbat will make your body cool on a hot day. Aside from being tasty, Sattu is full of nutrients. Moreover, the food is also pocket-friendly.

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4. Mutton Curry

Are you a mutton lover? If yes, then try the Bihari Style mutton curry. The tender pieces of mutton with a bowl of steaming rice or Rotis taste heavenly. 

Mutton curry has been a legacy of the cuisine of Bihar. The unique culinary skill, and the use of spices, make the dish different from others.

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5. Kadhi Badi

Coming from the Royal Kitchen of Rajasthani Cuisine, Kadhi Badi is also a favored dish of Bihar. Pair it up with a bowl of steaming Rice or Roti, and it will make your day.

The gravy, or the Kadhi, consists of Gram flour, Yogurt, and Other spices, while Badi is the fried dough of gram flour.

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6. Naivedyam

The traditional vegetarian thali, Naivedyam, is the famous holy food served in the mandir of Patna. This healthy nourishment is made to express gratitude towards Goddess Annapoorna.

The thali includes a variety of dishes, including rice with ghee, dal, aloo gobi sabzi, Sevai kheer, Laddu, and more.

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7. Suryakala Chandrakala

Suryakala Chandrakala is the classic dessert of Bihar made during festivals. The name of the dish comes from the shape of the sun and moon. 

You can make the dish Suryakala Chandrakala at home. The crispy outer, made of all-purpose flour with soft, juicy stuffing, tastes scrumptious.

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8. Khaja

The Prasad of Lord Jagannath, Khaja, is a famous dish in Bihar. The food is also popular in Andhra Pradesh, Nepal, and Odisha.

This Crispy and Sweet dish is made with Wheat Flour, Sugar, Mawa, and more. You will find the food in almost every corner in Bihar.

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9. Thekua

Thekua, also known as Khajuria, is a dish loved by people all over India. The crispy sweet snack is perfect for your sweet cravings.

The main ingredients of Thekua are wheat flour, sugar, and ghee. Add a tad of cardamom to enrich the flavor.

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10. Kesar Peda

The authentic dish of Bihar, Kesar Peda, is a classic during the festival, including Chhat Puja. This sweet food is favorite of people of all ages.

The ingredients used for Kesar Peda are khoya, Sugar, Saffron, and Cardamom.

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