Nestled in the West Region of India, Maharashtra is famous for its unique Pav dishes. However, that is not the only dish the state has to offer. The culinary skill of Maharashtra will make your mouth watery. Take a look at the classic food dishes of Maharashtra:

1. Pav Bhaji

When talking about the food dishes of Maharashtra, the list remains incomplete without the famous Pao Bhaji. What’s more, you can find the dish in almost every corner of India.

The blend of spicy mashed vegetables in a thick gravy has a rich flavor. Savor it with toasted Pao at any time of the day.

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2. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one of the most favored street food in Maharashtra. Originating in Mumbai, this dish has gained popularity for its toothsome flavor all around India.

The preparation of Vada Pav is really simple. All you need is Pav, chutney, and a crispy golden ball of potato, peas, and spice. Cut the Pav in the middle, put the ball in between, with chutneys, and your Indian Version burger is ready.

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3. Misal Pav

The love for Pav to Marathis is unceasing. Coming with various Pav dishes, Misel Pav is another favored street food.

You can have Misel Pav as breakfast, snacks, or even brunch. The spicy and tangy lentil curry with Pav bread never fails to amaze.

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4. Puran Poli

Coming from the Kitchen of Karnataka, Puran Poli has become comforting food to the natives of Maharashtra. This luscious taste of the stuffed sweet flatbread will capture your heart if you love sweets.

The stuffing in Puran Poli includes jaggery, yellow gram, plain flour, cardamom powder, and ghee. It is a classic dish on festive occasions like Navratri, and Diwali.

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5. Poha 

Poha is the perfect breakfast you can have if you are on your journey to weight loss. The light and fluffy texture of the Poha with a sweet & sour flavor also tastes delicious.

You can make poha with just a few ingredients. Take flatten rice, onion, tomato, potato, and spices. You can also add curry leaves and lemon juice to enhance the taste.

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6. Sabudana khichdi

We are all aware of Sabudana Khichdi, more or less. It is a classic when you go fasting. The light and savory dish is easy to digest and a good source of nutrition after a fast.

You can make Sabudana Khichdi with Sagoo, boiled potatoes, roasted peanuts, and spices.

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7. Mutton Rassa

If you love mutton, Rassa is a must-try dish for you. You can also use fish, chicken, or other seafood aside from mutton.

This authentic dish of Maharashtra perfectly pairs with steaming rice. The spicy red curry with tender pieces of mutton will please your taste buds.

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8. Aamti

Emerging in the Vidarbha region, Aamti has the essence of a home-cooked meal. The sweet and spicy flavor tastes delicious.

Aamti is seasoned with chilies, garam masala, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. The light and hearty meal is the perfect comforting food to have on a rough day.

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9. Thalipeeth

Thalipeeth is one of the popular flatbreads of Maharashtrian cuisine.

You can have Thalipeeth Green chutney and Thecha. Prepared with roasted grains and spices, this dish is also healthy for your body.

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10. Modak

The favorite delicacy of Lord Ganesha, Modak, is one of the classic sweets in Maharashtrian cuisine. This sweet dumpling with a luscious filling tastes delicious.

There is a variety of modak, you can find like Kesari modak, dark chocolate modak, motichoor modak, and more.

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