The city of pearls, Hyderabad, is well-known for its rich history and exotic foods. The Hyderabadi biryani has gained popularity all over the world. However, there are several dishes in the Hyderabadi cuisine that will make you crave more.

Here are some of the best dishes of Hyderabadi Cuisine that will make you drool:

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Originating in the kitchens of the Nizam, Hyderabadi Biryani has earned the title of Hyderabad’s National dish. The distinct aroma and flavor make it world-famous. The delicate pieces of meat will melt in your mouth.

Hyderabadi biryani is usually a little spicier than other biryani. The rich color of the dish comes from saffron. Hyderabadi biryani is of two types: the Kachchi biryani and the Pakki biryani. Make this dish for a lavish dinner party.

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2. Haleem

This delicacy of Hyderabad, Halem, has popularity all over the world. You can find this dish at weddings. It is also a staple during the Iftar. This hearty and nutrient-rich dish is perfect to have after breaking fast. 

The traditional Haleem includes mashed goat meat, pounded wheat, lentils, spices, and ghee as the main ingredients. However, You can also use beef, chicken, and lamb. The porridge-like consistency and the spicy flavor taste delicious.

3. Hyderabadi Dum ka Murgh

This Hyderabadi delicacy Dum ka Murgh is one of the best dishes you can have. It is a chicken curry cooked in alow heat for a long time. This spicy gravy made of sautรฉed onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, fried onions, and cashew nuts will make your mouth watery. 

The marinated pieces have the aroma and the flavor of slow cooking. The tender chicken pieces go really well with both rice and chapati.

4. Hydrebadi Kebab

The roasted yet juicy pieces of meats, Kebab, are famous for their delectable taste. There are several recipes for kebabs all over the world. However, the unique taste and flavor of Hyderabadi Kebab make it different.

Straight from the Royal Kitchens of Hyderabad, Shikampuri Kebab and Nazaqati Boti Kebab are a treat to the taste buds. Succulent mutton pieces marinated in seasonings, including aromatic saffron, rose petal paste, and coconut tastes delectable. You can have it with mint and yoghurt chutney.

5. Lukhmi

This authentic dish of Hyderabad, Lukhmi, is a perfect snack to have with tea. The food is a variation of the samosa. However, it has a square shape instead of the classic triangle shape.

The stuffing used in the preparation of Lukhmi are ground meat mixed with several vegetables, including potatoes and chilies. The flaky pastry with a spicy feeling is often served at Hyderabadi weddings and other celebrations.

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6. Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda, also known as Double ka Meetha, is a royal dessert from the kitchen of Mughals. This bread pudding is the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet craving.

Shahi Tukda is a classic in festivals. You can make this by soaking slices of toasted bread in hot milk and then baking. The condiments used are saffron and cardamom. You can also add dried fruits, nuts, and condensed milk to enhance the flavor.

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7. Mirchi ka Salan

This hot & spicy Dish of Hyderabad, Mirchi ka Salan, will give you a kick to start the day. This dish offers a refreshing flavor that will make you come back for more. However, it is not for those who can not handle spicy food

The ingredients required to make Mirchi ka Salan are chilies, ginger, garlic, coconut, and spices. You can have this with Hyderabadi biryani. This rich and flavorful dish is a must on many occasions in Hyderabad.

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