The Land of Kings, Rajasthan, is famous for its culture, history, dance forms, moreover the Rajasthani Cuisine. The rich aroma of spices and the ingredients used to prepare dishes make the food more delectable.
Here are some of the best dishes of Rajasthani cuisine:

1. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is a classic dish of Rajasthan. The food is famous all over the world for its savory taste. 

The crispy balls made of grains, daubed in ghee, and served with daal are a culinary masterpiece. The alluring aroma of ghee and flavors makes Dal Bati Churma a must-try dish.

2. Kadhi

The origin of Kadhi, one of the well-known dishes of India, is Rajasthan. The food is made in almost every part of the country. However, the taste changes as you move to different locations.

The ingredients used in the preparation of this Rajasthani cuisine Kadhi are yogurt, gram flour, ghee, and spices. This thick gravy has a spicy and tangy flavor that makes your mouth water.

You can eat Kadhi with rice as well as roti.

3. Bajra Roti with Lehsun Chutney

The Rajasthani cuisine Bajra roti is a staple breakfast in nearly every household of Rajasthan. The combination of Bajra roti with lahsun and onion chutney goes really well.

The preparation of Bajra roti is as simple as any other flatbread of India. Moreover, Bajra or pearl millet is gluten-free and low fat. The complimentary lahsun chutney is also an easy side dish to make.

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4. Laal Maas

Even though Rajasthani Cuisine is famous for its vegetarian delicacies, the non-veg dish Laal Maas has made its standing over the world.

The delicate lamb pieces smeared in the red curry tastes heavenly. The rich aroma of the spices of the curry blasts on your mouth with every bite you take. Gobble down the dish with parathas dipped in ghee.

5. Gatte ki Sabzi

Gatte ki Sabzi is a traditional delicacy of Rajasthan. The dish goes well with roti, parathas as well as rice.

The creamy gravy with gram flour balls tastes scrumptious. Some of the popular recipes are Shahi Gatte, Gatte Pulao, Masala Gatte, and more.

6. Onion Kachori

Kachori is a well-known breakfast all over India. However, onion kachori is a specialty of  Rajasthani Kachori.

This deep-fried snack, filled with spicy onion stuffing, is mouth-watering. You can find this snack in the streets as well as the menus of restaurants. You can eat onion kachori as it is, But it goes really well with tangy chutneys.

7. Ghevar

Apart from the savory dishes, Sweets also hold an essential aspect of Rajasthani cuisine. One of the signature sweet dishes of Rajasthan is Ghevar.

This luscious dish of Rajasthan, made of ghee flour and sugar syrup, is popular across the country. You can find a lot of versions of Ghevar. This sweet pleasure can make your heart full.

8. Mawa Kachori

The sweet dish of Rajasthani cuisine, Mawa (Khoya) Kachori, has made its name over the world. The crunch in each bite makes the sweet more pleasing.

It is hard to control yourself just by having one mawa kachori. Moreover, the crispy ball made of flour and ghee with a filling of Khoya and nuts is irresistible.

9. Mohan Thal

Gram flour is one of the main ingredients of Rajasthani cuisine. You can see the influence of the elements in many recipes. Mohan Thal is also another dish made of Gram flour.

This traditional dessert of Rajasthan is a forte, especially at festivals. The aroma of pure ghee, milk, saffron, and dry fruit makes it luscious. If you love desserts, then this flavorful, creamy goodness might be perfect for your sweet tooth.

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10. Balushahi

Balushahi is the Indian version of a glazed doughnut. However, in terms of taste and texture, the two deserts differ quite a bit. This desert of Rajasthan is also another famous sweet of Rajasthan. The discs shaped deep-fried sweet coated in sugar syrup can satisfy your sugar craving.

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