The traditional Gujarati cuisine is famous for its lip-smacking taste. The culinary skill of using mustard seed, turmeric, pounded red chilies, cumin, and coriander makes the foods of Gujarat different than any other state. 

Here are some of the best foods of Gujarat you would love to munch on:

1. Khandvi

Right from the kitchen of the Gujarati households, Khandvi is a snack that perfectly pairs up with tea. The smooth, light food melts in your mouth.

The main ingredients used in the preparation of Khandvi consist of gram flour, salt, and sugar. The vibrant yellow color from the besan looks appetizing to the eyes. The snack is also famous in Maharashtra as Dahivadi.

2. Dhokla

Have you ever tried Dhokla? There are only a few people in India who have not heard the name of this dish. The fluffy cake has a tinge of sweetness with savory and spicy flavors.

You can have Dholka at any time of the day, be it early morning, late afternoon, or evening. This low calorie, protein packed snack is also healthy for your body. 

3. Handvo

Handvo is one of the popular foods in Gujarati cuisine. The sweet and savory cake with rich flavors is a complete meal that you can make easily at home. 

The ingredients you will need for Handvo are bottle gourd, crushed peanuts, and vegetables. You can cook it in a pressure cooker. Add a tadka of oil, cumin seeds, mustard, and curry leaves.

4. Gathiya

Gujarati cuisine is famous for its snacks. Amongst the numerous dishes, Gathiya is one of the most favored foods in most households of Gujarat.

Made from besan flour, Gandhi comes in various shapes and flavors. This fluffy, light snack is perfect to munch on a rainy evening with tea. Although you do not need a reason to enjoy this delicious snack.

5. Thepla

If you are on a journey to lose weight, add Thepla to your diet. Made of multigrain, including wheat flour with chickpea and millet flour, this Gujarati food is good for health.

This signature Gujarati dish goes well with curd, mint, lehsun chutney, and pickles. You can also find the Thepla in many restaurants all over India.

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6. Undhiyu

Originating in Surat, this authentic dish of Gujarat is famous for its unique flavor. The rich aroma of the dish comes from being slow-cooked underground.

Undhiyu is a mixed vegetable dish that includes eggplant, chickpea dumplings, potatoes, and more. It is a classic dish made at many festivals in Gujarat. 

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7. Fafda

The yellowish snack Fafda is a must to have at festivals if you live in Gujrat. The crunchy light snack is the perfect breakfast to have with fried green chili and papaya sambhar.

You can also try Fafda Jalebi. This sweet and salty food is sold on almost every street corner in Gujarat. The ingredients used in the recipe of Fafda are besan, carom seeds, and black pepper.

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8. Dal Dhokli

Originating on the western coast of India, Gujarat, Dal Dhokli is a dish favored by the people of Maharashtra and many other states of India. This healthy food has a spicy taste with a mild sweetness.

You can prepare Dal Dhokli with pigeon peas, green grams, and spices. However, the recipe varies from place to place.

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9. Khakhra

The round-shaped crispy flatbread, Khakhra, is a snack you will find in almost every Gujarati household. You can have the food as it is or add ghee and green chutney. 

There is a wide variety of Khakhra you can find all over India. Some of them include Pav Bhaji Khakhra, Nachni Sesame Khakhra, Whole Wheat, and Methi Khakhra.

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10. Mohanthal

If you are craving something sweet after seeing so many delicious snacks, try the classic desert Mohanthal. The grainy texture of the nuts and mawa tastes delicious.

You can make Mohanthal with besan, ghee, and sugar. Add cardamom, and saffron to enhance the flavor.

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