The love for fish, sweets, and Durga Puja hails the race, Bengali. Bengalis are well-known for their love for mach-bhat (fish and rice)and bhat-ghum (sleeping at noon). Nevertheless, there are lots of famous food in West Bengal that can make your mouth water.

Encircled by rivers and the Bay of Bengal, fish has a heavy influence on the dishes of West Bengal. Regardless, Bengali cuisine has a variety of dishes in both veg and nonveg categories. They are also the inventors of the famous dessert Roshogolla.

Here are some of the authentic food of West Bengal you must try at least once:

1. Mutton Kosha

This classic delicacy Mutton Kosha is a famous food in West Bengal. The spicy curry with the tender mutton leaves a pungent taste in the taste buds.

The mutton pieces marinated with spices and other ingredients and cooked in a low heat taste delicious. The rich gravy with the soft meat is a typical Sunday lunch in almost every household.

You can have mutton kosha with parathas or polao. It also tastes delicious with plain rice.

2. Macher Jhol

Mach (fish) is no doubt the favorite food of Bengal. There are several popular fish recipes. However, macher jhol holds a special significance in the Bengali hearts. 

You can use different fishes to make macher jhol. However, the classic macher jhol is made of rui mach (Rohu Fish). Macher jhol and Bhat are a great combination to have.

3. Luchi

Luchi is the perfect Sunday breakfast in West Bengal. You can have it with aloo dum, cholar (chickpeas) daal, ghugni (peas curry), and kosha mangsho.

This deep-fried flatbread is also famous in the states of Assam, Odisha, and Tripura. You can see luchi selling on the streets as well as in the restaurants of Kolkata. 

4. Shukto

The vegetarian delicacy Shukto is a traditional dish of Bengal. It is a side dish to have with rice.

Even though shukto has vegetables, including bitter gourd, plantains, potatoes, and radishes, it has a delectable taste. The signature five spices of Bengali cuisine and milk add a unique flavor to the dish. 

The dish is a classic in Bengali rituals, including weddings and birth ceremonies.

5. Biryani

Biriyani is a delicacy made all over India. However, in Bengal, the dish is famous for its upbringing of potatoes.

The Kolkata style Biryani is comparatively light, mildly spiced than other varieties. You can have it with raita and gravy.

6. Muri Ghonto

Muri Ghonto is one of the authentic delicacies of Bengali Cuisine. The word Muri defines the head of a fish, and Ghonto describes curry.

You can make the dish easily at home with just a few ingredients. The spices used in this recipe are all you can find in your pantry. The curry tastes delicious with piping hot rice.

7. Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is another famous traditional food of Bengal. You can make the dish with just a few ingredients.

Poppyseed and potato are the main two elements of making aloo posto. You can make this on any occasion. The dish goes really well with rice.

8. Roshogolla

Roshogolla is one of the well-known deserts of Bengal. The softballs made of cottage cheese are mouth-watering.

The spongy white balls, dipped in a sugary syrup, are also a classic confection in Bengali celebrations, including marriage and rice ceremonies. In winters, instead of sugar syrup, Nalen Gur (date jaggery) is used to bring a unique flavor.

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9. Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi (sweet yogurt) is a widespread sweet of Bengal and all over India. This classic dessert made of milk has a creamy texture and melts in your mouth. 

Mishti Doi is also a traditional delicacy served in several celebrations.

10. Sandesh

Sandesh is another well favored dessert of Bengal. The ingredients used in the making of Sandesh are milk and sugar. In some recipes instead of milk, confectioners use cottage cheese.

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