Nestled on the eastern coast, Odisha lures visitors with its rich heritage, white beaches, and blue sea. Regardless, the state is famous for its diverse cuisine. The delectable food dishes of Odisha will make your experience more flavorsome.

Explore the land of Odisha to relish the exotic food dishes:

1. Gupchup

When talking about foods, one name you can not leave behind is Gupchup. This famous fast food of India is also well-known as ‘puchka’ in Bengal, ‘golgappa’ in the north, and ‘panipuri’ in western India.

The crunchy hollow balls stuffed with potato, chana masala, and spices and dipped in spicy Jal jeera have a separate fan base. Relish the burst of flavor as you gobble the dish in your mouth.

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2. Pakhala Bhata

Bearing the authenticity of Odia cuisine, Pathalam Bhata is a staple lunch in almost every household in the state of Odisha. This delicious dish is perfect to beat the heat during the summer months.

Making Pakhala Bhata is simple. Soak the rice overnight in water so that it becomes sour. Then serve it with the side dishes you love such as fried fish, potatoes, fried eggs, papad, and more.

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3. Chungdi Malai

Coming from the Kitchen of Odisha, Chungdi Malai is one of the best food dishes you can try. Savor this delectable creamy prawn curry with a bowl of steaming basmati rice.

The ingredients needed for a delicious Chungdi Malai are Prawn, coconut milk, spices, and more. The richness of the coconut milk with the flavorsome Indian spices enlighten your taste buds with each bite you take.

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4. Macha Ghanta

Encircled by the Bay of Bengal, Fish is one of the major ingredients of Odia Cuisine. You will find fish dishes cooked almost every day in the Oriya household.

Amongst the numerous recipes, Macha Ghanta is one of the most favored food dishes in Odisha. The perfect blend of potatoes, garlic, onions, and spices with fish tastes appetizing. Have it with a bowl of steaming rice.

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 5. Dalma

If you are having a rough day, Dalma is the perfect comfort food you can have. Dal is one of the most common and favored foods in almost every part of India. You can eat this nutritious delicacy every day and never be bored.

There’s a variety of dal recipes in different parts of India. Amongst them, Dalma has a unique twist. Cooked with roasted moong dal, veggies, and spices, this dish is wholesome.

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6. Potala Aloo rasa

The simple yet delicious Potato Aloo Rasa is the epitome of day-to-day home-cooked dishes of Odisha. This spicy curry is also famous in neighboring states of Odisha, including West Bengal.

Composed of potatoes, Potala (Pointed gourd), and spices, this dish is a must if you want to relish the true flavor of Odisha.

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7. Pilaf

The authentic delicacy of Odisha, Pilaf, is a popular dish to the natives. The food first came to India with Persians and has become a part of Indian Cuisine.

There are variations of Pilaf depending upon the place you visit. In various cultures, people add vegetables, dry fruits, fish, and meat. The luscious aroma will increase your hunger.

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8. Pitha 

Indian cuisine is incomplete without Pitha. There is a variety of Pitha in different regions of India, and Odisha is not an exception.

Celebrating 13 festivals in 12 months, the people of Odisha offer different Pitha to different deities. Among them, Arisa Pitha, Manda Pitha, and Poda Pitha are the most famous.

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9. Khaja

The famous Prasad of the temple of Lord Jagannath, Khaja, is famous all over India. You can find this food in every nook and corner of Puri.

Aside from being Prasad, Khaja is one of the most delicious sweets in Odisha. The crunchy, sweet dessert is hard to resist.

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10. Chhena Poda

If you love cheesecake, you should give it a try at the classic desert of Odia Cuisine, Chhena Poda. Originating in Odisha, many people believe that it is the favorite food of Lord Jagannath.

Chenna Poda is made from burnt cottage cheese, sugar syrup, and semolina. The rich flavor of the dish has gained favorability in different parts of India.

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