Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think there are evil powers that can harm humans? Although many of us love watching horror movies, believing in those things happening in real life seems bizarre. However, what if all those incidents became real? What if there are some places where you can feel the chill going down your spine? There are several places all over the world where unnatural things occur. The situations are so eccentric that even science can not explain them. Today we have a story of a place that the government has restricted us from visiting. It is the tale of the most haunted place in India: Bhangarh Fort. 

Location of Bhangarh Fort:

Located at the foothills of Aravalli, in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, the Bhangarh Fort is a 400-year-old palace. This haunted Bhangarh fort of India is a popular tourist place you can visit if you love mysterious things. The fort is around 300 kilometers away from Delhi by road. You can hire a cab to reach the destination. If you want to travel by train, you can take the Shatabdi Express from New Delhi and hire a taxi. The nearest airport Jaipur International Airport is about 85 km from the fort.

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Unnatural Occurings at Bhangarh Fort

If you ever visit the 17th-century Bhangarh Fort, do not stay there at night, even after evening. If you are not taking it seriously, think twice. You will find a warning signboard from the Government of India when you reach there. According to that, it is not safe to remain there after sunset. Several mystical incidents happen in the Bhangarh Fort:

Eerieness inside the Fort

The exquisite architecture of the 400-year-old fort attracts several tourists. However, many of the visitors feel anxious inside the fort. They become restless as they often sense someone following them around. Although there is no one when they look back, the feelings remain the same. That is why people avoid staying on the premise for a longer time. 

Accidents and Death

Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in India. There are many ill-fated stories surrounding this fort. Many of the visitors have suffered from terrible accidents and misfortune. Once a group of three decided to stay on Bhangarh Fort premises after the sunset to check out the haunted activities of the fort. However, one of them fell from a steep wall and got injured. The three rushed to the hospital, but the three died in a road accident on their way.

Myths surrounding Bhangarh Fort

Over the years, the Bhangarh Fort has been surrounded by several tales. Here are some of them: 

The Curse of Guru Balu Nath

According to a legend, a saint, Guru Balu Nath, used to meditate in the land of Bhangarh. Maharaja Madho Singh took his approval to build his city there. The saint accepted his proposal. However, there was a single condition that the shadow of the Bhangarh Fort should not fall on his place. Otherwise, the city would be in ruin. Unfortunately, the shadow engulfed Guru Balu Nath’s cottage. The enraged saint cursed that there would never be a roof in any house. Since that, the village has been roofless, and even if someone placed a ceiling, it collapses.

The Tale of Princess Ratnavati

Another famous folklore circle around Bhangarh Fort is the tragic tale of Princess Ratnavati. Princess Ratnavati was so beautiful that the story of her looks reached numerous kingdoms and borders. After she reached eighteen, suitors from several states crowded to ask her hand in marriage. Amongst them was a wizard named Singhiya. Knowing he could never have her, he decided to use his sorcery to coax her with his spell. He prepared a magic potion and secretly swapped it with the one princess had. If the princess used the potion, she would fall for him.

Nonetheless, the princess learned about his scheme and threw it away. The elixir turned into a rock and rolled over, killing him. Before dying, Singhiya placed a curse. The princess also lost her life during the war between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh. The locals believed that the spirit of Singhiya and the princess still haunts the village. Many people have also heard women crying in that area. 

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