Originated in the 10th century, the kingdom of England has tales of the ebb and flow of the monarchs. However, the history of the land goes even way back. From the ancient rocks in Stonehenge to obsolete castles, England has several historical places to visit. Apart from that, the exotic cuisine, pleasant ambiance, and exquisite vistas draw millions of people every year.

Here are some of the historical places in England:

1. Stonehenge

The enchanting Neolithic site of Stonehenge lures history lovers worldwide. This antique landmark of Britain has a mystical aura encircling it.

These prehistoric monuments have past dates back to 3000 BC. The legend goes as wizard Merlin transported these rocks from Ireland. Another myth says it was the ruin of a Roman temple. According to some archaeologists, it was a burial ground as they found bones of several men, women, and children.

2. Windsor Castle

Located in Berkshire, the Gothic-style Windsor Castle is a piece of art. If you visit England, then visit this palace to learn about the culture of the bygone British era. 

Photo by John Nail

Bearing the history of the British Royal Family, Windsor Castle is like a treasure for historians. Established by William the Conqueror in the 11th century,  this thousand-year-old castle is the largest and oldest castle in the world. Since its foundation, the palace has been home to 39 monarchs.

3. Hyde Park

Established by Henry VIII, Hyde Park is one of the most famous historical places to visit in England. In 1536 Henry VIII took the land from Westminster Abbey and used it as a hunting ground. 

With more than 350 years of history, the park holds a cultural value to medieval Britain. Nestled in a good location, Hyde has become a place to picnics, reclaim free speech, and hold music concerts.

4. Dunluce Castle

The medieval castle in Northern Ireland, Dunluce, was in the famous web series game of thrones. It was portrayed as the House of Greyjoy in the Iron Islands. 

Photo by Heiko Schuff on Unsplash

Built in 1513, the castle was the residence of the McQuillan family. Over the centuries, the abandoned castle has become an archeological site to visit. In addition to that, there are numerous myths surrounding Dunluce castle. According to some, there are ghosts, giants, and mythological creatures.

5. Big Ben

The Elizabeth Tower, also known as the Big Ben, is a 320 ft high 16-story building. Standing tall in Westminster, the tower is a legacy of the culture and history of England. 

Big ben was once a part of Charles Barry’s design for a new Westminster Palace. However, a terrific fire destroyed the palace in 1834. After that the construction of Big Ben started in 1844, that finished after 15 years.  

6. Whitby Abbey

Have you ever heard of the Whitby Abbey Dracula? The ruins of Whitby Abbey are well-known for the famous gothic horror tale of Bram Stoker. Moreover, the quirky streets, shops, and Abbey ruins of the place look like an epicenter of a horror movie.

Photo by Anna cicicic on Unsplash

The heritage site of England, the North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby, attracts thousands of visitors every year. The place was once the center of the medieval Northumbrian kingdom. 

7. Old Town, Edinburgh

What if you take a step further and enter into the medieval era? Seems like a fairytale, right? However, in the old town of Edinburgh, you can experience something similar.  

Explore the culture, historical buildings, and age-old stories in this majestic city of England. You can also visit the Edinburgh Castle, housing the crown jewels. You will never get bored as the streets are full of pubs, restaurant joints, shops, and galleries.

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