Inhabited places are the origin of unknowns, always wrapped in mystery. There are many haunted places in India with fables of evil spirits for centuries. In these places, some inexplicable eerie things occur especially in the dark that even science can not grasp. In some of those places, the vexed souls still foray.

Here are some haunted places that will shiver down your spine.

1. Forts of Bhangarh, Rajasthan

The fort of Bhangarh is on the top of the list of haunted places in India. You can see the fort on the way to Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan. During the rule of Bhagwant Das, the village was established in 1573. After the death of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, the town has been deserted since 1783.

According to the villagers, people who went inside the fort at night had never returned to tell their tale. They believe that spirits roam there at night. There is a signboard posted by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), where the entrance to Bhangarh is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise. The tourist who visited the fort explained that they felt uneasy after entering. 

2. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The Dumas Beach is a Wynorrific cyclone sight of Gujrat. Along the Arabian sea, the beach is also well-known for its black sand and spooky lores. 

Legend has it Dumas Beach was a funeral ground of the Hindus for a long time. Consequently, the spirits are still residing in this region. The color of the sand is black because of the ashes of burning bodies mixed with the white sand. 

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Several mishaps have occurred on this beach, from missing to dead people. People also claim that they heard weird sounds coming from the beach like people laughing or crying. The eerieness of the place is evident.

3. The National Library, Kolkata

Assembled in 1836, The National Library at Belvedere Estate in Kolkata is one of the well-known haunted places in India. The library contains a rare collection of books along with century-old wraiths. 

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According to the guards of the premises, they often hear the sound of a woman howling and giggling. They believe that it is the wife of Lord Metcalfe. She was very particular about cleanliness. Some say they have felt the breathing on their neck for not keeping the book where it belong. During the renovation of the building in 2010, around 12 men died brutally on the renovation site.

4. Three Kings Church, Goa

Three King Church in Goa adds another page in the book of haunted places in India. The church is at the uninhabited village of Cansaulim in South Goa.

The story goes about three kings who desired to rule the place. The whole place was in chaos as a result. One day, King Holger Alvunger devised a master plan to usurp the whole territory. He invited the other two kings and mixed poison in their food. Everything went according to his plan, and the two of them died there.

After that, the church became a haunted place. According to the locals, they have felt some supernatural activities there.

5. Dow Hill, Kurseong

Dow Hill in Kurseong is an epicenter of paranormal activities. As per the locals, Victoria Boys High School has spirits residing inside. They often heard the sound of footsteps. Countless people founded murdered in the forests near the school. 

The place has a road called the death road. The tale goes as a headless boy walks down towards the road and then disappears inside the forest. There is also a spirit of a woman dressed in grey. If anyone meets her, they become mentally unstable and suicide.

6. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Rajasthan holds many historical sites with mystical pasts, and Kuldhara is one of them. This haunted place is also known as the Ghost Village of Rajasthan.

Salum Singh was a dictator diwan of the region during that time. He imposed heavy taxes on the villagers. Due to his tyranny, the villagers of Paliwali and other 84 villages left Kuldhara. They cursed the villages to remain abandoned as they had to leave their residences.

Some say the ghosts walked around in the night, plaguing the place. Several deaths have occurred in this place.

7. Ramoji Film City, Andhra Pradesh

One of the largest city complexes in India, Ramoji Film city is one of the spookiest places in India. The location of the studio is a battlefield. Therefore, housing shades of dead soldiers.

The witnesses report several misfortunes like suddenly the lights going off, people injured, instruments destroyed. Many actresses claim to have felt paranormal activities in their green rooms.

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