The vast land of America conceals millions of horror stories. Almost every corner of the country has a unique tale. These haunted places in the US still bear the memories of unjust, mistreatment, rage, and above all, fear.
Here are some of the most haunted places in the US:

1. The White House, Washington, D.C

Who does not know the white house of the United States? However, did you know the White House is also a stamping ground of ghosts? 

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Since 1800, the White House has been the residence of not only the alive presidents but also their ghosts. Many visitors have seen the spirits of previous presidents and their family members, including  Abraham Linkon.

2. Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

Have you ever read the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? If you have, then you might remember the Savannah cemetery in Georgia. This medieval graveyard with an eerie atmosphere will give you goosebumps.  

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Graves shrouded in Spanish moss house several prominent figures buried, including singer Johnny Mercer, poet Conrad Aiken, and others. In one of these graves lies a six-year child, Grace. Several people have seen the Ghost of Gracie while visiting the cemetery.

3. Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Spaning over 1 million acres of Pine Barrens, this land in New Jersey buries obscene mysteries. Once thrived with swarms of people, and mills have been abandoned. As a result, it became an ideal place for wandering ghosts. 

Photo by Felix Mittermeier

According to legend, in 1735, born a child with a head of a goat, leathery wings, and hooves. This incident created a grave panic among the residents, and they named it Jersey Devils.

4. Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

The Battle of Gettysburg will always remain like a bloodstain in the history of America. Within three days, 50,000 young men lost their life. Excluding their untimely deaths, they did not even receive a proper burial. Thus making their wandering souls still stay in the place since 1863.

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The Gettysburg now swarms with lots of ghost stories. Several visitors have heard the sounds of battle, including cannon fire and screams of once-alive soldiers.

5. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida attracts thousands of visitors every year. However, underneath this popular tourist destination resides an abundance of tragic events. Consequently, it has become one of the most dreadful haunted places in the US.

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This Lighthouse bears a handful of unfortunate incidents. A staff died while painting this tower. Apart from that, three young girls drowned in the ocean while playing.

6. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Nestled in the state of Colorado, the Stanley Hotel allures travelers with its whisky bar. Featured in the famous horror movie, the Shining, the hotel has become a hotspot for ghost-lovers. 

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In 1909,  Massachusetts inventor F.O. Stanley built this hotel to stay with her wife Flora. Flora was very fond of music. Many people have heard her playing the piano in the music room at night. The hotel is infamous for its rooms number 217 and 428.

7. Whaley House, San Diego, California

In 1857, a settler and merchant a settler and merchant Thomas Whaley constructed his family estate on a former graveyard and gallows in San Diego. Misfortunes began to appear after he moved into the house with his family.

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The family members suffered the rage of Yankee Jim Robinson. His execution happened on the site of the building. The Whaley members suffered tragic deaths after moving in.

8. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium hails a history of mistrust, mistreatment, and horror. Built-in 1910, this hospital was for the treatment of the victim of Tuberculosis. 

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However, there was no cure for the disease, and people often lost their life. The scrambling and agony of those people can still be heard from the place. 

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9. Cahawba, Alabama

Nestled at the confluence of the Cahaba and Alabama, once a thriving city, Cahwaba has become a ghost town. After the Civil war, the people of the city abandoned it. 

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Now the buildings, slave burial grounds, and cemeteries have become an attraction for wanderers. Tourists often visit the place to see the house of the famous ghost Colonel C.C. Pegues.

10. Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Calcasieu Courthouse in Lousiana is famous for its paranormal activities. The ghost wandering in this place is a sex worker Toni Jo Henry.

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Toni Jo was a charming woman who killed a man cold-blooded in 1940. As it was a disgrace of the highest level, she was sentenced to death. She was the first woman in Lousiana who was executed in the electric chair. Many people have sensed her presence as she often locks doors and fiddles with equipment.

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