Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is one of the widespread moving companies in India. The workers of this company are professional. They help the customers shift to a comfortable and easy one. 

We may have heard the name of the company or may have hired workers in many cases. However, most of us have no idea about the origin of this establishment. Well, the company first made its appearance in 1987. The founder of the company is Shri Ramesh Agarwal. 

Like any new business, this organization has also suffered lots of highs and lows, obstacles, and challenges during the beginning days. However, the willpower of Mr. Agarwal had never weakened. Over the years, Agarwal Packers and Movers have made their name all over India. 

So, today let us share the story behind the success of Agarwal Packers and Movers:

Founder Shri Ramesh Agarwal

The originator of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. did not start his life as an entrepreneur. In fact, he was an officer of the India Air Force (IAF). It was challenging to shift furniture and other necessary things from one place to another during that time. Relocation is a complicated task, and packing holds s substantial part of it. If you do not wrap the goods properly, they will get damaged while traveling. So, for people with transfer jobs, it was a difficult task to move.

One day one of the acquaintances of Mr. Agarwall, Subhash Gupta, suggested the idea of starting a packers and movers service. The idea struck into his mind. As a result, Mr. Agarwal commenced his new career of transporting things for his fellow workers. 

The Journey of Agarwal Packers and Movers 

Starting a new project is not as easy as we think it would be. There were so many things to consider, like invoices, bills, consignment notes, and a list of the items. One of the most concerning fortes was the funds. After leaving the air force, Mr. Agarwal donated all his earnings, and that is why he did not have any financial support. Luckily his friend Vijay Kumar’s mother decided to provide the capital. 

Mr. Agarwall leased a place in Secunderabad with a rent of 250 per month. After donating everything, acquiring capital was a big problem. With only the first four shifts, Mr. Agarwall was able to earn the initial cost of their office area and pay the debt. The sum of the profit was Rs 8000, of which they returned Rs 4,000 and used the rest for business extending.

Photo by Robinson Greig on Unsplash

After starting the initial shifts for the Indian Airforce utilizing their trucks, the work has never halted. Over the 30 year-long periods, this logistics company now works towards shifting about 82,000 to 83,000 homes across the country.

With a team size of over 5,000 people, Agarwal Packers and Movers has 103 branches across the country. The company has more than 1,000 trucks, hires over 1000 trucks, and has over 2,000 locker facilities, which is expected to touch 10,000 in the coming year. It generates close to Rs 450 crores in revenue every year. 

Awards & Achievements

Being in the army for several years, Mr. Agarwal pursues a consolidated principle. His persistence and perseverance led the transportation industry to higher peaks. 

Teamwork is one of the primary qualities movers and packers should have. Moving is a lengthy process containing pick up, transportation, loading, unloading. For the past thirty years, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd have been providing satisfactory services to their customers.

Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

The contribution of the company has made its name in the list of World Book of Records of the UK as the Largest Movers of household goods. They also acquired the Mahindra Transport Excellence Award. 

Mr. Agarwal holds a vast amount of Knowledge in the logistic industry. The effort and dedication of Mr. Agarwal have changed the Indian Logistics Industry. His contribution to the national economic development and welfare is undeniable.

The achievement of Mr. Agarwal has inspired many young entrepreneurs of India. We hope this story also helps you get the motivation to achieve your goals.