Encircled by the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean, India has some of the best beaches to visit. From the most crowded beaches to the most secluded ones, you will find whatever you desire.

Here are some of the best beaches in India you can visit on your next vacation:

1. Havelock Island, Andaman

With the pristine and beautiful beaches, rich coral reefs, and calm seas, Havelock is a sight to behold. There are seven beaches on the island. Amongst them, Radhanagar Beach stands the most.

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The beaches shrouded with palm trees and tranquility will soothe your soul. Take a walk barefoot and on the untouched beautiful white sands.

2. Gokarna, Karnataka

Nestled on the west coast of India, Gokarna is a small town with beautiful beaches. The secluded beaches are perfect for spending some time with your loved ones.
It is most known for its sacred temple.

If you love water sports, Gokarna offers a variety of those. Enjoy activities like Parasailing, Jet Ski, Scuba Diving, and Surfing to your heart’s extent. You can also camp on the beach if you want.

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3. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Snuggled on the western coast of India, the city of dreams, Mumbai has one of the best beaches you can visit. Apart from the beautiful shores, the city is renowned for its rich history and culture.

Juhu beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Maharashtra. If you dislike crowded places, you can visit Ganeshgule, Marve, and other beaches. Do not miss out on the famous Pao Bhaji, Bada Pao, Bhelpuri, and Chai at the local food stalls.

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4. Auroville, Puducherry

Secluded from the people, Auroville Beach is a place for people of all ages. Plan a weekend getaway with your family and friends away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

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If you want to travel solo, Auroville might be the best place for you. The friendly people and picturesque vista will shower you with memories of a lifetime.

5. Palolem, Goa

Cradled in South Goa, Palolem Beach is one of the most visited Indian beaches by tourists all over the world. The dramatic sceneries with palm trees, white-sand shores, and sparkling waters will lure you.

Enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of watching the sunsets and relishing authentic Goan cuisine. You can also try sports activities. The beach offers water sports, dolphin trips, yoga classes, and Ayurvedic massage.

6. Rushikonda, Andhra Pradesh

The beautiful beach of Andhra Pradesh Rushikonda resides on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The stunning golden sand shores and incredible waves make the visitors crowd the place.

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Relax on the sand, savoring the seafood and stunning views. The beach also offers water sports like water skiing, windsurfing, and swimming.

7. Puri, Odisha

The holy land of Jagannatha, Puri, is famous for its rich history, ages monuments, and magnificent beach. The prolonged golden beach crowded with seafood stalls lures visitors throughout the country.

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Dive into the bay of Bengal if you love swimming, or you can relax at the sand shorefront. It is also an excellent place for chilling and hanging out. Do not miss out on the beautiful sunset in the evening.

8. Anjuna, North Goa

Showcasing rows of palm trees, white sand, and black rock, Anjuna beach will mesmerize you. The small village on the coast of North Goa is well-known for its wild parties and flashy nightlife.

If you love partying, there is no place better than this. Dance to the beats of the DJs and have delicious food and drinks in one of the thousands of bars and clubs.

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9. Kovalam, Kerala

The low tides, shallow water, and pristine nature make Kovalam beach an ideal tourist spot for locals and foreigners. Enjoy leisure time with your near and dear ones.

You can also play in some fun beach activities like swimming. The delicious local food is a treat for your taste buds.

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