Do you think monsoons are boring? Raining all day, muddy roads, and jams take away the charm of the season. Nevertheless, there are many things you can do in India during the monsoon. From going on a hike to having snacks, the season can become memorable for you.

Take a look at the fun things you can do on the Monsoon in India:

1. Make Paper Boats

Do you remember making paper boats in your childhood? It was fun to wait for the rain to stop so that you could sail the crafts in the small puddles. Although growing up might not seem amusing, it does not hurt to give it a try.

Photo by Dan Hamill

If you have children at home, ask them to join you. You can also show off your skill in the craftwork. Race your boats and have a small prize in the end. It will be the perfect way to end your day.

2. Go for a Trek

If you are fond of trekking, plan it on the monsoon. The breathtaking views, rich flora, and fauna of the place will be worth all that sweat.

However, as the road can become quite slippery, you should always be careful. Do not forget to take mosquito repellents with you.

3. Have some Monsoon Snacks

What do you think of having a cup of piping tea and crispy samosas while looking at the rain? Seems alluring, right?

Monsoon is the best time to savor all of these delicious snacks after the scorching summer. With pakoras, Jalebi, and Momos, make the rainy season flavorsome with these delicacies.

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4. Soak in the Rain

Have you ever been scolded by your parents after soaking in the rain? They might not be able to scold you now, so what are you waiting for? Let the raindrops shower your body and clean away your exhaustion.

Photo by Yarenci Hdz on Unsplash

However, do not forget to take a relaxing shower right after. You can also wear a raincoat and gum boots if you do not want to drench yourself.

5. Go for a long drive

Do you love the smell of soaked soil? If you do, you can try a long drive after the rain. You will love the pleasant weather encircled by clouds.

Photo by Hari Panicker on Unsplash

You can also take a break if the rain starts pouring heavily. Enjoy a romantic date with your loved one in the roadside cafe or Dhaba.

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6. Go for a stroll on the Beach

Many people think that beaches are not the best place to visit during the rainy season. However, it is not quite the truth. As long you take enough precautions and maintain the guidelines, you can always have a pleasant vacation in the monsoon.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

On top of that, the seas look stunning during the rainfall. The place also remains secluded during this time. Take a stroll at the beaches and collects seashells.

7. Head to a Jungle

Jungles look more lively during the season of monsoon. The sparking waterfalls, magnificent lakes, lush green trees, and beautiful flowers look enchanting. If you love nature, you will love to see the unprecedented beauty.

There are several National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries all over India. Take a jungle safari and enjoy the wilderness. You can also stay at a Tree House to have a unique experience.

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8. Take a ferry ride

If you love taking a trip over the river, Monsoon is the perfect time to do so. During this time, rivers are in full swing. The scenery of rain pouring into the river will enchant you.

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