Like every human, exercise is crucial for dogs. Routine exercising helps your little four-legged friend to stay healthy. Burning the extra calories will let them sleep peacefully at night. It also reduces behavior issues like licking, barking, chewing, and more. If you are a new pet parent, you should take your dog out. Even if you can not go Outdoor, there are many exercise you can engage your dog Indoor.

Here are a list of Indoor and Outdoor exercise for your dog:

Indoor Exercise for your Dog

There are times when it might be not possible to go outside. For those days when you can go outdoor try to engage your dog to exercise indoor. You can do some of these at home:

1. Practice Obidience

Obedience training is crucial training, especially for puppies. So, on days when you can not go outside, use that time to train your dog. It can also help you to form a bond with your pet. Practice basic commands like Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Come, or Stop are a must. Shower them with treats, a pat on the head, or praise so that they feel motivated.

2. Make your Dog climb Stairs

Going up and down the stairs is a good form of indoor exercise for your dog. It also helps to build muscle. However, many dogs feel scared of the climbing staircase, so do not push them too hard.

3. Enjoy Hide-and-Seek Together

Hide-and-seek is the perfect mental stimulation for dogs staying at home. It allows your pet to utilize its brain and sense of smell. Hide behind the door or furniture and let your dog find you. If your puppy has never played the game before, you can train them.

4. Let your Dog Run on the Treadmill

The treadmill is the easy way out for your dog to not miss exercise when you can’t go for a walk or a run outside. It helps to lose weight for overweight dogs, and build muscles.

5. Play Fetch

Playing games will enlighten the mood of your dog. There are many games, like fetch, and bubble chasing that you can play at home if you have a backyard. Toss the ball or frisbee and ask your dog to retrieve it for you.

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Outdoor Exercise for your Dog

There are a bunch of activities your dog can enjoy outside. Here is a list of few:

1. Take a Walk or Jogging

Most dogs love going outside the house. Moreover, taking a walk or running helps maintain weight, improve muscle tone, and build endurance. Take your dog out with you in the morning or evening so they can stay delighted.

2. Visit a Dog Park

Dog Parks are the best place to socialize your pup with other pets. They can run inside the park freely without leashes. And you do not have to worry about their safety. You might also get a chance to catch up with other pet parents.

3. Try Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise for your dog as it helps to reduce pain, decreases inflammation, as well as strengthens the heart and lungs. However, if your pet is a Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Pekingese, and other breeds, they may not swim due to their anatomy and facial structure.

4. Ride a Bicycle

If you have a high-energy dog breed who loves running, you can ride a bicycle to match their speed. Besides you can also carry them on your bike so that they can explore the area. But keep in mind to only use roads that do not have much traffic.

5. Go Hiking

Dogs love venturing to new places. So, if you are planning a trip or hiking take your dog with you. It will also help you to make a special connection with your puppy.

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