“Every coin has two sides,” and the same goes for social media. This powerful tool has become an inseparable part of our daily life. However, is it good or bad? Well, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using social media. But the influence of these platforms holds a greater significance in teenagers than adults.

Following is a list of a few advantages and disadvantages of using social media:

Advantages of using Social Media on Teenagers

Here are a few advantages of using social media on children:

1. It Connects with People all around the World

Social media allows us to engage with people all around the world virtually. And the same goes for children. They can get in touch with the friends they might have lost while moving to a new place.

Aside from that, meeting new people online will help your teen to discover different cultures, languages, ways of life, and cuisine. It helps them to get a broader perspective of the outside world. They can grow their network which might also become beneficial to them in the future. 

2. Teens gets a Platform to Show their Talent

Social Media is not just bound to chatting with different people, scrolling videos, or playing games. It is also a place for those who want to show their skills. With platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, your child can show their talent to people all around the world.

Teens can display their talents, such as singing, painting, or others. They receive praise from others which can boost their confidence. It can help your children to decide which career they want to pursue in the future.

3. Social Media Boosts Creativity

Social media is a perfect tool for children who love to learn new things. They have access to a wide range of creative ideas like DIY crafts, fun science experiments, drawing, and more. They can learn these things by watching tutorials or asking their parents to help them.

4. It Helps to Stay Up-to-date

Social media helps adolescents keep up with important information around the world. They can learn about the latest technologies, trends, and even the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities.

5. Social Media helps Kids with Studies

Social media serves more than only for enjoyment. It can help kids in their academics and their pursuit of knowledge. There are different communities on social media platforms where teens can learn anytime without any traditional boundaries.

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Disadvantages of using Social Media on Teenagers

Following a list of disadvantages of social media on children:

1. Children Gets Addicted to Social Media

Social media is addicting not just for kids but for adults too. Most of us spend hours and hours scrolling without any productivity. It makes us feel drowsy and even distracts us when concentrating on things.

2. Social Networking causes Anxiety

Teenagers spend a lot of time using and posting on social media. They are more active online than meeting people offline. As time goes on, they feel lonely and depressed. The feeling of missing out on everything also made them feel anxious.

3. Social Media can Lower Self-Esteem

Although there are many influencers on social media, it can lower self-esteem in adolescents. Many people show a perfect lifestyle on social media, but in real life that might not be the case. However, teenagers might feel insecure about the things they do not have, which can impact their confidence.

4. It can Impact on Privacy

The loss of privacy is another important aspect that we often overlook. Children who use social media without their parent’s supervision might share their personal data without knowing it. However, it can lead to hacking, stalking, identity theft, personal attacks, and more.

5. Social Media can Lead to Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is not much different from normal harassment other than the fact that it is messaging or commenting on someone. It can affect the mental health of the person. Not only teenagers but adults also become prey to cyberbullying.


As we can see from the above, there are both pros and cons to using social media. But it can create a negative effect, especially on teenagers. Regardless, adolescents can enjoy their time on social media with a few limitations. By taking a few precautions, they can have a safe and satisfying experience.