Have you heard of Escape Rooms? If you have not, then it is time for you to learn. Filled with riddles, puzzles, and clues, these rooms are the perfect place to enjoy some thrill. There are several escape rooms all around the world.

So if you love brainstorming, take a look at these escape rooms all around the world:

1. The Laboratory in Bunschoten, Netherlands

The Laboratory in Bunschoten is well-known as one of the best Escape Rooms not only in the Netherlands but all around the world. It is the perfect place to have a fun time with your family or friends. The rooms perfectly match the theme and are very detailed.

There are three themes from which you can choose. The classic Laboratory Room is about the infamous Doctor Steiner, who has gone mad. Aside from that, the Girl’s room and the Dome will offer you a sensation you have never felt before.

2. The Mr. X Mystery House, Shanghai

If your childhood favorite game was to play detective, then you will surely enjoy this escape room of Shanghai, Mr. X. The spooky environment will strike a sense of creepiness in your heart. So brace yourself before you jump into the field.

There are a total of five rooms from which you can pick, including Sci-fi, Prison, Volt, and more. It is the perfect place to storm your brain. Go with a large group as the more the merrier.

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3. Quest Room, Los Angeles

Live a day like the characters from your favorite novel or movie in this exclusive escape room in Los Angeles, Quest Room. You will feel the thrill while solving one after the other puzzles. They offer several themes like a thriller, adventure, and more.

Their eight escape rooms include The Spellbreakers, Bloody Elbow, Warlocked, and more. Each of the rooms has unique stories with every trifling detail.

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4. The Escape Game, San Francisco

Established in the year of 2014, The Escape Game in San Francisco is one of the most popular escape rooms in the world. Their well-behaved staff, intricate decor, and unique storylines enhance the playing experience.

Choose a theme from their five rooms. Their Prison Break, The Heist, Play Ground, Mysterious Market, and Gold Rush offer amusement for players of every age. Moreover, they hold interest by adding new challenges.

5. Breakout KC, US

If you think you have a high IQ, take this challenge to unravel Breakout KC in Kansas City. The escape room is one of the most difficult to succeed in the United States. The unique plot will lure you to come back for another attempt. 

Plan a perfect outing with your family or friends and race with the clock to find the clues. They have multiple rooms with unique themes like Undercover, Civil War, and more. You will find yourself slowly immersed in the suspense.

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6. Escape Live Birmingham, England

Let your inner Sherlock out in the Escape Live in Birmingham, England. Located in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, this place offers a getaway from your hectic daily schedule.

Escape Live has many themes, including Dr. Watsons’s Office, Double Cross & more. Aside from that, you can also try their virtual reality escape rooms. The place can accommodate up to 36 players. So, Grab a drink and take your buddies, and venture into the challenges.

7. Seoul Escape Room, South Korea

Seoul Escape Room is one of the most favored getaways in Seoul, South Korea. The place is more popular with travelers as their guides are English speakers. 

Located in one of the most crowded cities in South Korea, Gangnam, the prace is always filled with players. Choose any of the 11 rooms with a time limit of 60-75 minutes. You can reserve your slot online in both English or Korean. 

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