The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the economy. Large, medium, and small, all companies have adopted some new tactics to fight this situation. Meanwhile, businesses with old policies have lost their value. Some of them have gone through an economic shutdown. Since they were unable to fulfill customer demands. However, applying a strategy can make your business successful even amid a pandemic.

Here are some tips to keep your customers engaged.

1. Build a Bond with Your Customer: 

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in any business. The growth of a business relies on its customers. 

Nevertheless, the pandemic has made it difficult to maintain the customers’ needs. 

People are doing work from home, taking virtual classes, and doing other jobs. They are spending so much time online. Some people are even hosting family events over online apps and sites.

The pandemic has become an ideal time to use social media and email marketing. People are using laptops and smartphones to pass their time. So, you can use the help of technology to connect with your customers.

2. Connect with Your Employees:

Use this time to connect with your team members. It is a perfect way to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. 

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The employees play a significant role in deciding the culture of the workplace. They contribute their skills, ideas, and energy. Motivated employees achieve the assigned targets within the given time frame. So, support your employees and their work.

3. Make a new Business Strategy:

This pandemic situation is the ideal time to implement new strategies. Gather your marketing team to make decisions and collect data for the best results.

Use social web store and search engines such as:

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Facebook is a well-known social site. You can create a page and groups to promote your products or services. 


As the second-largest social engine, Youtube can help to improve your brand presence. You can consider hiring YouTubers. They can boost your profile as well as drive customer interaction across your social media platforms.


Google ad is one of the most effective ways of online advertising. Therefore, consult your marketing team to implement a strategy to make your business more successful.

4. Arrange Online Events to Promote Your Business:

Reach out to your customers who are sitting at home. You can use different applications including, Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom, to provide your services. Set a clear goal and create unique content for your event. You can create a page and promote your events on different social platforms.

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These days coaching centers, gyms and other businesses are taking the help of the internet. So, you can also promote your services by it. The pandemic may have put an end to in-person events. 

However, it has offered a new opportunity to hold virtual events. These events can attract a large and diverse community of customers. 

5. Communicate with Your Customers:

Communication is one of the effective ways to gain the trust of your customers:

Answer questions of customers: 

Advertisements on social platforms can attract customers. They might become curious about the brands or services. And want to know more about the policies. Answer all of their questions thoroughly. 

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The more customers enquire about your products the better. Because they are more likely to remember you and your business. 

Listen to your customer: 

Listening to customers can help you to gather business-related information. 

Offer an option for your customers to leave their feedback. So, you can use those feedbacks to improve your service and marketing strategy.

Discuss with your team. Determine which communication method is best for your business and your target customers.

6. Offer Discounts: 

This pandemic is a great time to offer discounts. Offer some provocative discounts to attract your customer.

For services like teaching, dancing, you can offer a discount for memberships. If you are a store owner you can offer free shipping. In addition to that, offer discounts on a certain amount of ordering online.

The pandemic has made our life complicated. For many business owners keeping their business activity is a big challenge. 

Although there might be some drawbacks, you should avoid things that cause anxiety. There are many ways to make this pandemic work for you. Just follow your business instincts. And it will help to make your business bloom.

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