The warmest season has come. Even though summer is pleasant in some countries, it is not the same for all. The sweat and exhaustion that comes with the hot and humid weather is draining. However, refreshing drinks in this scorching summer can make you feel revived. 

Here is a list of 10 best summer drinks you can have to fight with heat:

1. Lemonade

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about summer drinks is lemonade. This lemon-flavored sweet beverage is famous all over the world.

You can make this quick beverage just with lemon, sugar, salt, and water. However, you can customize the drink as you want to add several herbs and spices for flavors. Some of the popular condiments are mint leaves, cumin, coriander powder, black pepper.

2. Lassi

Lassi is the perfect summer drink to cool down. The velvety and creamy texture of this yogurt-based refreshment tastes delicious. This traditional drink of Punjab can be made using some simple ingredients.

You can make both salted and sweet Lassi, depending on what you want. Apart from the classic recipe, you can also add several fruits, including mint, avocado, mango, banana lassi, and more.

3. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is a well-known beverage in South Asia. It is the ideal summer drink as it can give you the sugar rush you need to beat the heat. 

Being a natural low-cholesterol, low-sodium drink with no saturated fats, sugarcane juice is overall good for your body. You can drink it as it is. However, adding ice, mint leaves, lemon, and a pinch of rock salt makes every sip more refreshing.

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4. Aam Panna

We all love mangoes. The cooling beverage, Aam Panna, made of mangoes, is also a favorite of all. The lip-smacking tangy and sweet Maharashtrian drink can make you feel revived against the intense summer heat.

You can make Aam Panna easily at home with just a few ingredients. Blend the mango pulp with cumin, jeera, and mint leaves, and your drink is ready. Add a few pieces of ice cube and serve it to your loved ones.

5. Sattu Sharbat

The scorching summer can cause digestion-related issues like flatulence, constipation and acidity, inflammation, and indigestion. However, drinking Shattu Sarbat can reduce the chances of this.

This forte of Bihar can make the body cool in the summer. You can make the drink in two ways, sweet and savory. Just add the chana powder, sugar, water, and a pinch of salt for better taste. 

6. Ice Tea

Tea is an intoxication of many. Taking a sip from the hot cup starts the day. However, in this scorching summer, drinking a hot cup of tea is not that attractive. So, to all the tea-lovers, try the ice tea. This cold beverage will satisfy your thirst and calm your body.

Tea is also a source of antioxidants. Add a slice of lemon or apple in your tea if you want. 

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7. Fruit juice

Drinking Fruit Juices regularly is good for your health. That is why fruit juice is a beverage you can have all over the year. However, the fruits of summer are exceptional with a delicious taste. 

The most popular fruit juice in summer is watermelon juice. We all love eating watermelon, but the watermelon juice tastes even better. This fine beverage helps to remain hydrated.

8. Jaljeera

This Indian beverage is a popular summer drink. You can make this just using jeera and water. Cumin seeds or jeera are good for the digestive system. Roast and grind the cumin seeds and mix with water. You can also store the grounded powder for a long time. 

9. Ghol

Ghol is another yogurt-based drink in India. Although the beverage is similar to Lassi, it is not the same. The drink has several names based on the regions. In some places, it is also called Chaas. 

Ghol is good for the digestive system. Drink a glass of chilled Chaas to protect yourself from the heat.

10. Coconut Water

Coconut water is the perfect summer drink you can have. This beverage will help you stay hydrated. You can see vendors selling coconut water beside the road in many Asian countries. 

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