In our childhood, our parents have often told us that they would send us to boarding schools if we did not behave. However, what is a boarding school? Is it unpleasant or hard to go there? Well, there are both positive and negative opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of Boarding School.

Today, let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of sending your children to a Boarding School:

Advantages of Sending Your Child to a Boarding School

Here are some of the advantages of sending your child to a boarding school:

1. Children Learn to be Independent 

Boarding Schools are the perfect place to learn self-reliance. These schools have strict rules and regulations that every student has to follow. So, it becomes normal for children to do their chores, like checking if their school uniforms are clean, organizing their bookshelf, and more. They learn to solve their daily problems themselves, which helps them in their future.

2. Boarding School Helps to Build Confidence

It has been often observed that persons who went to boarding schools in their childhood have more confidence than those who did not. The reason behind it is simple. The boarding children do a thing, whether it is small or big, at an early age. It helps them to gain more confidence in their abilities.

Boarding schools let children do many activities like social service, art, drama, and others. So that they can find their passion and boost their spirit. In addition to that, your child will meet with hundreds of other children and learn to socialize.

3. Children get Accustomed to Discipline

Discipline plays a major role in a Boarding School. The mealtimes, study times even sleep times are constant. So, the students live a restrained lifestyle. They learn to value the time that helps them to achieve their goals.

4. Children live a Standard Lifestyle

In boarding schools, each student has to live in the same quarters. Even though some schools have single rooms for children, most do not. So, students have to share the spaces with other children. Many children also receive a certain amount of allowance. This helps students understand the fundamental value of life where one’s social status is trivial.

5. Boarding School helps to Improve Academic Skill 

Another significant factor of Boarding School’s focus is education. Since the children live on the campus, they can ask teachers for help anytime. Apart from that, the school also helps students with their doubts.

Disadvantages of Sending Your Kid to a Boarding School

Sending your children to a boarding school has many advantages, but there are also several disadvantages: 

1. Children often become Homesick

It is not easy for children to live alone without their families. Even though there are many children of the same age, a child will still feel homesick.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

2. Children sometimes find it difficult to Blend In

It is not easy for a child to make new friends in an unknown place. So, your child may feel lonely and think they do not fit in. Although some children can easily blend in with the crowds, it can become difficult for some.

3. Children face problems in Adjusting

Adjusting to a new environment can be difficult for children. For many children living with other student become challenging. Apart from that, since the children live far away from home, they sometimes find it hard to reconnect with their family members.

4. Children become shy of the Opposite Gender

There are many boarding schools only for girls or boys. Living with the same gender for many years, these children find it hard to connect with the opposite gender, Although, in today’s age, there are several co-ed institutions, so that might not be a problem anymore.

5. Children occasionally Suffer from Stress

Boarding life can become stressful with daily classes and routine life. Apart from that, the pressure of parents’ expectations and strict regulations forces the children to forget the things they love. Sometimes they also suffer from bullying without no one to support them.

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