The heart-throbbing stunts, high death stakes, and fighting scenes make action movies more entertaining. Nonetheless, these stunts are challenging in real life. Do you know many actors prefer doing their own stunts?

Here is a list of actors does their own stunts:

1. Jackie Chan

When talking about the actors who do their own stunts, Jackie Chan first comes into mind. The expert martial artist has enchanted us with his skills and acting. His passion has earned him several awards. 

However, it sure was not easy. Throughout his career, Jackie has broken enough bones in his movies. The devoted actor has continued his films even with his injuries. Enjoy some of the best movies by Jackies Chan, including Rush Hour, Kung Fu Panda, and a remake of The Karate Kid.

2. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the most prominent actors who pulled off their own stunts, no matter the threat. From the series Mission Impossible to the movies this day, this American actor has surprised us with his dedication. 

Tom learns to hold his breath for over six minutes during his shooting. However, not everything goes well. The actor broke his ankle during the filming of Fallout.

3. Jason Statham

Actor Jason Statham is a well-known name in the action film industry with franchises including The Fate Of The Furious. The actor is a professional in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, and judo.

During one of the interviews, Jason spoke he does not step back from doing stunts unless there is a safety issue. One of his most impressive stunts is dangling from a helicopter with only a thin wire protecting him.

4. Jeremy Renner

The fan-favorite Hawkeye from the Marvel Studios Jeremy Renner has done several action films. The veteran actor loves to do stunts by himself rather than taking the help of body doubles.

Nonetheless, mishaps occur suddenly. Jeremy injured his back and arm while shooting the movie Tag. Regardless, he stood up to do the stunt again, ignoring his pain. 

5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has bewildered us with her acting skills in Malfecient, Thor, and many more. However, did you know the actress does her own stunts?

Believe it or not, the actress has jumped over moving trucks, off bridges, and out of helicopters. Her dedication has showered her with millions of fans. Her confidence with height has helped her with the stunts, although she could not avoid injury.

6. Keanu Reeves

Shaking the world with the Matrix trilogy at the beginning f the 21st century, Keanu Reeves is a popular name. The actor became famous with his role in the comedy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in 1989. 

Reeves is known for his action flicks like Speed, The Matrix, and the John Wick series. The actor gives his best to form a connection with his audience. From wild jumps from moving cars to high-intensity fight scenes, he’s not afraid of the stunts.

7. Ryan Reynolds

From crashing glasses to fighting on running cars, Ryan Reynolds is famous for his stunt skills. Moreover, his personality and sense of humor have won the hearts of millions. 

Ryan’s famous movie Deadpool shows the perfect blend of humor and action. However, he had to stop performing action sequences for health issues.

8. Tom Holland

The star of the popular franchise spiderman, Tom Holland, does his own stunts. The actor is a trained gymnast as well as a professional ballet dancer.

Although he takes the help of a stunt double, the actor does not step back from doing the actions. During an interview in 2017, he stated he does not perform the stunt if he feels uncomfortable. 

9. Daniel Craig

Who has not heard the song, The name’s Bond… James Bond. The English actor Daniel Craig has shown his remarkable physical fitness while playing the role of James Bond.

Unlike the other actors who played Bond, Daniel pulled off all of the stunts without a body double. Although the actor is not fond of height, he has jumped from a three-story building to charm his fans.

10. Harrison Ford

Starring as Han Solo in the epic space franchise Star Wars, Harrison Ford is an idol of many. In his career, the actor has portrayed countless heroic characters in action movies. 

Ford has done several stunts on his own. The veteran actor enjoys physical activities. Although he has a body double, the actor took pride in performing the action sequences.

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