How to Stay Active on Your Fitness Journey: Sign up for a membership in a gym that has exactly what you need! Sounds pretty easy right?

When choosing a gym, it is important to consider the amenities and what the facility offers. From guest privileges and hours of operation, to location and additional perks, these can enhance (or detract from) your gym experience. And hey, it’s always nice to have an affordable plan so you can focus more on getting in shape – rather than your budget.

Here are six factors to consider when choosing a gym that fits your lifestyle.


There is little time to lose between work, family and (of course) sleep. So a health club that opens late and closes early is unlikely to be right for your schedule.

When considering a gym, find out not only about opening hours, but also what exactly is on offer during those hours. When are the trainers available? Are there any equipment or areas in the gym that are closed at certain times? It is important to have a clear idea of ​​the club’s schedules and offers so that you can plan your exercise program accordingly.


Everyone approaches a welding session differently; While some can motivate themselves and guide themselves through a routine, others need professional advice. Some fitness enthusiasts feed on the energy of group training, while others prefer individual sessions.

When choosing a gym, it is important to study the various exercise options in each location that can help you keep track of your goals. If you prefer to have access to a fitness professional, find a gym that recognizes the value of training and the importance of service to members, especially at an affordable price.


Part of the appeal of gym membership is the perks that you get as a member. But every gym varies depending on the offer.

What do we mean? Well, some clubs offer guest cards so you can finally convince your best friend or partner to train with you; The PF Black Card goes one step further and allows you to bring a friend with you to every workout. Other gyms offer free smoothies or breakfast (hello, bagels!) Just to be part of the community. Some even offer online portals and forums to help you find support and inspiration for your fitness journey. In addition, many clubs offer special services such as massages, so be sure to inquire about your selection.

It is also important to be clear about what is not being offered and what the tradeoffs can be. For example, having towels available is good, but gyms with this equipment can be much more expensive. You should always be mindful of what you are paying for when choosing a gym.


Having a gym near your home or work place increases your chances of getting several workouts a week. If you go for a national franchise, you likely have at least a few spots in your city.

If you want to visit two different locations for convenience, split your time between the two gyms so you have the best chance of exercising regularly. Are you going on vacation or do you travel a lot for work? Planet Fitness members with the PF Black Card® have access to all club locations!


Obviously, fitness isn’t exactly a clean endeavor, but having a clean, spacious room in which to work out is extremely important. Who wants to fight dust bunnies, mold or dirt when trying to build up their speed and endurance?

Before joining, gyms usually offer a tour that allows you to experience the scene and be aware of the conditions and your level of comfort. Check whether the gym has high quality equipment in (good) working condition. Are there a lot of televisions that you keep entertaining while you exercise? What is the parking situation like? If you are planning on going to the gym, you don’t want to waste time fighting for a spot. Take the opportunity to visit the facility; it can help you make your final decision.


Keep in mind that not all $ 10 / month gyms are created equal. Think about how much value you are getting and at what price. Are employees striving to develop the community, create a clean and safe space, and provide a wealth of options and amenities? You can still enjoy great equipment, spacious surroundings, and unbeatable benefits without paying an arm and a leg.

The final result? When looking for a gym, it is very important that you feel at home and are ready to exercise. As always, please consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.