Do you feel like your weekend gets over in the blink of an eye? You feel tired and lethargic to start the new weekend. Well, although the days seem short, there are quite a few fun things you can do during your weekend. 

Here are some fun things you can do during your weekend:

1. Make time for family and friends

If you live close to your family, you should at least meet them once every or every other week. Visit your home and eat the home-cooked meal that your mom made for you. No matter how delicious food you eat in a restaurant, nothing can beat the taste of the food your mom made for you.

Catch up with your friends once in a while. Learn what’s going on in their life and tell them what are they up to. Share your life story and release some frustration. 

2. Do some Exercise 

Weekends are for getting laid back from daily life. Nonetheless, health is important too. So, if you are thinking of skipping your exercise routine, do not do that. Rather, run on the street instead of going to the gym. You can also try trekking or hiking if you live near a mountain. The fresh air will also refresh your mind.

3. Work on Volunteer Program

If you want to do something for the welfare of society, try them on weekends. It might not be possible to do it on weekdays if you have jobs, colleges, or school. So, take some time from your weekend and visit an NGO or an animal shelter. At the end of the day, you will genuinely feel happy.

4. Avoid Social Media

We spend so much time on Social media. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a thousand more mediums, it becomes hard to live with smartphones or laptops. So, stop scrolling and spend some time with yourself. You can also meditate if you want.

5. Read a Book

If you are thinking about reading the new book you bought, but do not have time, read it during your weekend. Nothing can make you feel better than lying leisurely and reading a good book. If you do not read books, give them a try, you will learn something new.

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6. Plan a Trip

Are you tired of your boring life? Take a break, and make a plan for a short trip. If you do not have enough holidays, plan a weekend getaway nearby. Go with your family and friends and have a relaxing weekend.

7. Enjoy your Hobby

Doing something you love is the best way to ease up from the office all week. If you love the garden, then get to work to make the most beautiful garden. The vibrant colors of the flowers will make your mood bright. Or you can plant vegetables and have fresh veggies. 

If you are fond of art, try creating something new. Paint something you want or DIY some crafts and decorate your dining. There are so many things you can do during your weekend.

8. Eat Something Delicious

A happy tummy can enlighten your spirit, even if you had the worst day. So, after all the days of work, exercise, and chores, treat yourself to something delicious. 

Have a luxurious brunch in a cozy cafe with your loved ones. You can also make your favorite meals together with your partner. Or, visit a fine restaurant and have a three-course meal with your favorite dessert. 

9. Watch a Movie

Do you like watching movies and web series? It might not be possible to watch your favorite shows on the weekdays. So catch up with all the episodes you have missed due to work. Binge-watch with your partner with some popcorn, chocolate, and drinks. If you want t watch a newly released movie, dress up and visit the theater with your family or friends.

10. Take a Nap

The weekend is about revitalizing your mood and energy to tackle the next week. So, take a nap for an hour or two during the afternoon. It is not unhealthy, rather it boosts your energy and makes you feel refreshed.

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