5 Best Orthopedic surgeons in Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh

Experts recommended Top 5 Orthopedic surgeons in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. All Orthopedic surgeons listed here are comparatively the Most Authentic, based on our research done by evaluating business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, customer satisfaction and their feedback, pricing and value for money. You get to see only the Best.


4.1 (26)

Regency Superspeciality Hospital, Tower 1, A2, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208005, IN

SINCE: 2000

Dr. Raghvendra Jaiswal is one such Orthopedic Surgeon in Kanpur among others who is qualified to diagnose orthopedic problems, perform or prescribe treatments, and assist with rehabilitation. They can also help develop long-term strategies to treat illnesses, disorders, and issues relating to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Dr. Raghvendra Jaiswal is located in the heart of the city, which makes them reachable via any part of Kanpur during the time of emergency and crisis of patients.

Primary and revision joint replacement, Management of polytrauma with complex multiple injuries, Arthroscopy, Spine surgery, Pediatric Orthopedic. Etc.

TIMING: Sun : Closed
Rest all Days : 10am - 3pm


4.8 (74)

Regency Hospital, A-2, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208005, IN

SINCE: 2017

Dr. Tiwari is fellowship trained orthopedic upper limb, Hand, micro vascular Reconstructive and Brachial Plexus surgeon. He got another opportunity in the form of clinical fellowship in Hand Surgery in National University Hospital Singapore for 1 year. Where he got training from various world’s most renowned hand surgeons. He returned back to India in March 2017 and joined as Consultant in upper limb and Hand surgery in Regency Hospital Kanpur UP. He chose this place reason behind lack of dedicated hand surgeon and providing hand surgery services to needy one. He encountered a 12-year-old girl who had amputation of her right upper limb from arm level and replanted by Hand surgeon. He underwent 10-hour long procedure and limb saved.

Hand ailments, Replantation, complex Hand trauma, vascular injuries, Nerve surgeries, Brachial plexus surgeries, wrist arthroscopy, Congenital hand anomaly, Etc.

TIMING: Sun : Closed
Sat : 10am - 4pm
Rest all Days : 10am - 4pm, 6pm - 8pm


4.5 (55)

Regency Hospital, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208005, IN

SINCE: 2006

Dr. Harpreet Singh in Sarvoday Nagar, Kanpur is a top player in the category Spine Surgeons in the Kanpur, providing treatment for injury, pain, or stiffness in joints, bones, muscles, or ligaments. They offer treatments at a much affordable rate, and their main aim is to satisfy their patients with successful treatment procedures. Dr. Harpreet Singh has an experienced and professional Orthopedic Surgeon who helps patients in treating a wide range of conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

Spine Injury, Scoliosis Correction, Spinal Deformity Correction, Complex Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery, Cranio Cervical Junction Surgeries, Microdiscectomy, Spine Trauma, Pelvis Acetabulam, Spinal Disorders, Spinal Disc Surgery, Spinal Fusion, Disk slip, Etc.

TIMING: Sun : Closed
Rest all Days : 10am - 4pm, 7pm - 8pm


4.0 (90)

Shop No. 127/395, S Block, Juhi Depo, Vinoba Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208014, IN

SINCE: 1988

Dr. A. K. Mishra is one of the most trusted orthopedic surgeons in Kanpur. He has extensive experience in performing all types of orthopedic surgeries. Dr. A. K. Mishra takes time to understand the symptoms and provide appropriate treatments. He offers exceptional orthopedic care to every patient at an affordable price. He also supports his patients for their rapid recovery.

Coccydynia, Bone Trauma, Arthroscopy, Fracture Care, Ankle Injury, Joint, Knee Care, Hip Replacements, Etc.

TIMING: All Days : 10am - 2:30pm


3.5 (35)

117/N/33, A-One Market, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208025, IN

SINCE: 1985

Dr. R.K. Singh is one of the leading orthopedic surgery specialists in Kanpur. He specializes in performing joint replacement surgery. He has developed a unique surgical technique that allows his patients to achieve the ability to bend their knees fully. He focuses on your recovery with new and most trusted advanced techniques. His practice is currently available at Globus Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur. The Hospital provides comprehensive medical treatment, surgical treatment and rehabilitation services.

Joint Mobilization, Shoulder, Hip Resurfacing, Arthritis, Partial and Revision Hip and Knee, Elbow and Ankle, Cervical and Lumbar Disc Replacement, Total, Arthroscopic Surgeries, Skeletal Dysplasia, Fitness Check-Up, Osteoporosis, Etc.

AWARDS: Honoured with Health Icon Award 2017 - Vijay Ratna Award in 1999

CERTIFICATE: License No : 19519

TIMING: All Days : Open 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

A fracture is a broken bone. A sprain occurs when you injure the ligaments that connect your bones.

Arthroscopic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that lets your surgeon see inside the body and view the specific area being worked on during surgery without the need for large incisions.

1) Research the Orthopedic Surgeon's Credentials, 2) Consider the Orthopedic Surgeon's Experience, 3) Research Hospital Quality, 4) Read Patient Reviews

Depending on the age and health condition of the individual's joints, one must visit or consult an Orthopedist once in six months. But if you face any problems in the joints then immediately visit an orthopedic surgeon.

Medical conditions like arthritis (including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis), bursitis, osteoporosis, tumors, pain (such as knee pain, hip pain, joint pain, and muscle pain) are treated by an Orthopedic Surgeon.