Frequently Asked Questions about 5BestINcity™

1. How does 5BestINcity™ make money?

Like many other websites and services, 5BestINcity™ uses ads to make money. We do not track or gather information about our customers through these ads.

2. Why do you only pick 5 business?

We understand that everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so we wanted to make sure you had options to choose from. We wanted to create a list with enough choices to satisfy everyone's particular taste, while making sure it is small enough to not become overwhelming.

3. You already have 5 businesses listed, what's the use of submitting my business?

We ask you to submit your business because we use an algorithm to find businesses! It tends to be accurate but on very rare occasions it will miss a business; this allows business owners the chance to rectify that mistake if we don't catch it ourselves. In addition, sometimes not all the information is available online, for example some awards may not show up, so we always recommend you submit your business information so we can ensure we have complete and accurate information.

4. How do you decide which businesses are the best?

We handpick the best businesses based on reviews, experience, operating hours, price comparison, awards & achievements, communication, social & other online presence, location proximity, number of branches, service area and numerous other factors.

5. Where do you get the information from?

We don't have one single source as we pull our information from all across the internet. If it's on the internet, we've probably seen it! We also receive emails from customers and have online partners to help collect information. Most business information (such as emails, phone numbers, addresses) are from the businesses directly.

6. Does 5BestINcity™ visit every business?

The short answer is no, we do not. We understand that businesses are run by humans and humans can have off days. We don't want to know how XYZ performed on Jan 4, 2020 – we want to know how XYZ performs on average. In addition, this allows us to have an unbiased view of the business; we don't know the owner, we don't know the staff, and we don't feel pressured to list them. Of course, this is where you, as a customer, comes in. If you feel like we made a mistake, noticed a business closed down, or frequently receive salad when you know you ordered rolls, let us know!

7. How many businesses do you review for a city?

It depends on the size of the city. Larger cities can naturally bear the burden of many businesses, while smaller cities cannot. There's no “right” answer, but it typically is in the thousands if not tens of thousands.

8. Why don't you post negative reviews to your site?

The beauty of 5BestINcity™ is we make it easier to find the best business. We don't post negative reviews, because frankly they make it harder to decide. We do see all the negative reviews and make a note of them so they are considered. However, we are not a review site, but a ranking site. We compile all the reviews – both negative and positive – to determine which businesses are the best. Reviews are only a piece of the puzzle that goes into determining the best businesses. Simply put, we go through the reviews so you don't have to.

9. How long will I be on your website?

A minimum of a year (except for extreme cases such as negative court cases or business closure). After approximately a year, you will be re-evaluated. This allows for growth and healthy competition, as well as ensuring the accuracy of our list.
Do you have praise or a concern about a business? Let us know!

10. When do you update your website?

We update our website daily to ensure accuracy. As discussed in question 5, the top five businesses change yearly (except for extreme cases).

11. Does the positions of the businesses on the page mean anything? Can I get mine changed?

The position of your business does not mean anything. All the business listed are equal! In order to be fair to everyone, we do not number the position of our listings, nor do we allow you to have your position change. This helps to eliminate any bias or unfair advantages a firm might have over another firm.

12. Are the discounts listed valid?

The discounts are from the businesses themselves. While we do try to ensure accuracy of the discounts, 5BestINcity™ takes no responsibility for the discounts and makes no claims about their validity.
That being said, if you try to use a discount and were unable to, let us know so we can take it down.

13. What should I do if I find a typo, noticed a business closed down, find a broken link, or notice that the business information is wrong?

Please let us know! You can use our contact form or email us directly at .
If you are a business looking to update your business information please check out our Update Business page for further instructions.

14. What is 5BestINcity™'s policy on discriminatory business?

Although our goal is to list the best businesses, 5BestINcity™ does not endorse or list any businesses that discriminate against people. We firmly believe that a business's service should be available to everyone regardless of their gender, ethnicity, caste, and sexual orientation.
If you didn't find your question listed here, have further questions, or are confused feel free to contact us or email us directly at and we would be more than happy to help!