5 Best ENT doctors in Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh

Experts recommended Top 5 ENT doctors in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. All ENT doctors listed here are comparatively the Most Authentic, based on our research done by evaluating business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, customer satisfaction and their feedback, pricing and value for money. You get to see only the Best.


4.2 (112)

64, 65, kanpur Road, Neelkanth Market, Rama Devi Chauraha, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208007, IN

SINCE: 1993

Dr. A. K. Agarwal has nearly three decades of experience in ENT. He specialises in ENT-related treatments, mainly in Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy and Balloon Sinuplasty. Dr. A. K. Agarwal is a member of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), the Indian Society of Otology. He always focuses on providing the highest standard of service to all of his patients.

Tonsillitis Treatment, Nasal Polypectomy, Ear Drum Repair, Septoplasty, Nasal Septum Surgery, Tympanoplasty, Tonsillectomy, Ear Infection, Nosebleed.

TIMING: Sun : Closed
Mon to Sat : 9am - 4:30pm


3.6 (73)

113 gate no.-1 58B, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208001, IN
Opposite to : Motijheel

Dr Lalchandani is one of the popular ENT specialists in Kanpur, who have successfully treated many complex cases. He has provided the best care to his patients suffering from ENT-related health issues. He keeps him updated and uses modern techniques and instruments. He is an expert in nasal bleeding, vertigo treatment, hearing loss surgery, laser surgery, microsurgery, and other treatments.

Oral Head and Neck, Voice, Swallowing Throat, Thyroid, Salivary Gland and Sialendoscopy, Snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

TIMING: Sun : 11am - 2pm
Sat : 11am - 4pm
Mon to Fri : 10am - 5pm


4.1 (59)

111/218, Chandra Gupta Rd, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208012, IN
Opposite to : A N D College

Dr. Rajan Bhargava is an expert in various ENT-related problems. He pursued MBBS from AIIMS and gained proficient skills and knowledge in the segments. He listens to patient's problems very sincerely and addresses them in an easily understandable manner. He develops lifestyle awareness among the people.

Laryngoscopy, Rhinoplasty, Hearing Aid Fitting, Pure Tone Audiometry, Ear Micro Surgery, Tinnitus Treatment, Speech Therapy, Ear, Nose, Throat, Larynx, Oral Cavity And Pharynx.

TIMING: Sat : Closed
Sun : 11am - 2pm
Mon to Sat : 5pm - 7:30pm


4.6 (32)

Classic Apartment, Phase-3, Swaroop Nagar Chauraha, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208002, IN

Dr. Nishant Saurabh Saxena, a medical expert, is an exclusive specialist in surgery and medical treatment of the ears nose, and throat, as well as the related head and neck areas, he regularly handles cases like nosebleeds, Adenoidectomies, infected mastoids, tonsillectomies, and sinusitis. Dr. Nishant Saurabh Saxena is a proud student of AIIMS, New Delhi, the top college of medicine, he has been providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with diseases and disorders that involve or affect the nose, ear, and throat for the past 15 years.

Microscopic Ear Surgery, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Ear Surgery, Coblation Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Advanced ENT Surgery.

TIMING: Sat : Closed
Sun : 10am - 12pm
Mon to Fri : 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 8pm


4.5 (75)

120/495, Lajpat Nagar Rd, Lajpat Nagar, Narainpurwa, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208005, IN

SINCE: 2000

Dr. A K Srivastava is one of the leading ENT specialists in Kanpur, India. Dr. A K Srivastava has over thirty years of professional experience and wide knowledge in the ENT field. He gives complete treatments to all kinds of ENT related problems. Dr. A K Srivastava practising in his clinic offers quality and cost-effective treatments. His clinic has all types of equipment, and he uses advanced techniques to diagnose and treat his patient. He blend the latest practice of treatment along with years of proven methods to help patients heal effectively.

Balance Disorders, Ear Wax, Tinnitus, Audiology Services, Ear Infections, Hearing Loss, Sinus Infection, Nasal Polyps, Nose Bleeds.

TIMING: Sat, Sun : 9am - 1pm
Mon to Fri : 9am - 1pm & 6pm - 8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Conditions of the ear for which you need to visit an Ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) specialist are hearing impairment, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), ear infections, pain in the ear, ear disorders that affect your balance etc. ENT specialists also treat congenital problems of the ears.

ENT doctors manage problems with the nerves in the head and neck that control sight, smelling, hearing, and facial movements. Ear-Nose-and-Throat specialists can also perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in these areas.

Yes. ENT doctors in Kanpur perform surgeries.

If a child seems to have issues with their ears, such as an ear infection that keeps returning or a sinus infection. They should see an Ear-Nose- and-Throat specialist.

Yes. It is wise to carry past medical reports when you go see an ENT specialist.