5 Best 3 star hotels in Asansol , West Bengal

Experts recommended Top 5 3 star hotels in Asansol, West Bengal. All 3 star hotels listed here are comparatively the Most Authentic, based on our research done by evaluating business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, customer satisfaction and their feedback, pricing and value for money. These businesses are better options as "3 star hotels near me" in your local search. You get to see only the Best. Business verified by our team are labelled with verified badge. They are reliable & trustworthy. Their contact and business information are updated frequently.


4.1 (1985)

169, G.T Road, B. B. College More, Ushagram, Asansol, West Bengal - 713303, IN
Near by : United Bank Of India

SINCE: 2015

Hotel The Signature in Ushagram, Asansol is one of the best hotels in Asansol. The Hotel The Signature was established in the year 2015. This is the ultimate destination to avail top rated service and a comfortable home for all kinds of guests. As per visitors' feedback, the rooms are neat & clean and the service is fine. Visitors can get food from the hotel at a reasonable price. The receptionist and other staff's behavior is good and polite. They are always ready to provide any assistance. Customers can make payments via cash, card, or online.

Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Air-conditioned, Laundry Service, Room Service, Child Friendly, Restaurant, Fitness Centre etc.

TIMING: Check In : 12pm


4.2 (1331)

Burnpur Road, IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur, Asansol, West Bengal - 713304, IN
Near by : Galaxy Mall

SINCE: 2014

The Fern Residency is one of the well known city hotels in Asansol since 2014. This hospitality destination has grown to become the ideal place for travelers and those on business to feel at home when in the city. As per visitors' review, the hotel rooms are clean and they maintain proper hygiene. The hotel has a good infrastructure along with its hospitality. Their main motive is customer satisfaction and staff are always ready to help their customers.

Free Parking Facility Available,
Air Conditioned Room,
Room Service Available,
Offers Free Wi-Fi

TIMING: All Days : 24 Hours


4.2 (1188)

66, G.T. Road, Murgasol, Asansol, West Bengal - 713303, IN
Near : Chelidanga Bus Stop

SINCE: 1987

Hotel Asansol International in Asansol is a well-recognized 3-star hotel for delivering the best services in Murgasol. As per customer’s feedback, the hotel communication is good and the ambiance is fine. All the staff's behavior toward visitors is polite and friendly. They focus on their customers' safety and so maintain proper hygiene all around. This hotel is suitable for most travelers who want to stay comfortable at a reasonable price. Hotel Asansol International} always try to make their customers happy with their hospitality and well-behaved staff.

Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Free Parking Accessible, Outdoor Pool, Air-Conditioned, Laundry Service, Business Centre, Room Service, Child Friendly, Restaurant etc.

TIMING: All Days : 24 Hours


4.1 (2000)

NH2, Ningha Road, Asansol, West Bengal - 713370, IN
Near by : HP Petrol Pump

The Citi Residenci is one of the preferred hotels by visitors in Asansol. This hotel's specialty is its location and its services. Employees are helpful and they try to fulfill visitors' requirements quickly. They have different types of rooms for all kinds of visitors. Guests are recommended this because of the hotel's atmosphere and their room rent. Visitors are welcomed with gentle greetings. The Citi Residenci provides rooms to customers at an affordable cost and also they offer various other related services to their customers.

Wi-Fi Facility Available, Free Breakfast, Parking Available, Air-Conditioned, Laundry Service, Room Service, Child Friendly, Restaurant etc.

TIMING: All Days : 24 Hours


4.1 (903)

Vivekananda Sarani, Senreleigh Road, Asansol, West Bengal - 713305, IN
Near by : Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Pvt ITI

The Hindustan Residency is one of the renowned hotels in Asansol. It is located near Senreleigh Road. They offer various services & facilities to stay on top of their visitor’s mind. As per visitors' feedback rooms are neat & clean, well furnished with necessary equipment. The restaurant offers quality food at a reasonable price. The Hindustan Residency always try to serve benefits to their visitors and they also manage transportation facilities for their customers.

Free Breakfast, Parking Available, Air-conditioned, Laundry Service, Room Service, Child Friendly, Restaurant, Airport Shuttle

TIMING: All Days : 24 Hours