5 Best Veterinary hospitals in Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh

Experts recommended Top 5 Veterinary hospitals in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. All Veterinary hospitals listed here are comparatively the Most Authentic, based on our research done by evaluating business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, customer satisfaction and their feedback, pricing and value for money. You get to see only the Best.


4.7 (468)

Bhojuveer, Panchkoshi Rd, Tagore Town, Orderly Bazar, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221002, IN
Located in : Akanksha Hospital (Best Children Hospital)


SINCE: 2004

Dev Dog Clinic has over 16-years of experience. The clinic provides great pet healthcare in a warm and compassionate environment, sensitive to both patients and consumers needs. The clinic has a wide range of products and facilities to suit its customer's diverse needs. The clinic has well-equipped treatment facilities. The attendants build up a unique emotional bonding with the pets. Pet owners can also get various maintenance and grooming products from them at the usual price.

Dental checkup/cleaning, radiology, dermatology, Ultrasound, Endocrinology, Digital X-ray, Pathology, wellness care, treatment, immunization and pet grooming, Etc.

TIMING: Sun : 9am - 2pm
Rest all Days : 8am - 1pm, 5pm - 8pm


4.4 (431)

Gadhwaghat Road Village, Maruti Nagar Rd, Samne Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221011, IN
Near : Etta Mandi


SINCE: 2008

Pragya Dog Care has a well-equipped facility that is well run. The clinic provides best veterinary servicing customers with both local and from other parts of Varanasi. The clinic offers services ranging from preventive routine to veterinary calls to 24-hour emergencies and intensive care for you and your animals. They are specialized in surgical care. They make efforts to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout their life.

Surgical Care, Physical Examination, Medical Services, Radiology, Ultrasound, Wound Repair, Flea Control, Dermatology, Pain Management, Spaying, Neutering, Etc.

TIMING: All Days : 8am - 1:30pm


4.6 (141)

Airport Road, Gilat Bazar, Shivpur Bypass Rd, Laxmanpur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221003, IN

Kashi Pet Clinic & Shop is emerging as a unique leading good pet shop in Varanasi. They provide services in the field of pets. The organization provides various preventive, clinical, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for their client’s pets. The attendants build up a unique emotional bonding with the pets. Pet owners can also get various maintenance and grooming products from them at the usual price.

Vaccination, Treatment, Pet Food, Grooming, General Checkups, Consultation, Blood Test, Surgery, Etc.

CERTIFICATE: Registration No : UPVC-5277

TIMING: All Days : 10am - 7pm


4.1 (175)

Durga Kund Kabir Nagar, Colony, Brahmanand Colony, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221005, IN
Near : Block No.21


SINCE: 1993

Dog Care Clinic is one of the leading veterinary hospitals in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Dr.P.C.Srivastava has over 25 years of experience. He is the good veterinary surgeon at the clinic. He is a highly qualified medical professional and carries out daily operations in a perfectly functioning clinic that adorns the newest technology and equipment.

Vaccination, Immunization, Soft Tissue Surgery, Pet Shop/Accessories, Ultrasound, ECG, Preventive Care, Blood Pressure Checks, Laboratory, Medical Examination, Etc.

TIMING: Sun : 8am - 1pm
Rest all Days : 8am - 1pm, 5pm - 7pm


3.5 (90)

No. C 27/120, Lahurabir Rd, Lahurabir, Jagatganj, Jaitpura, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221002, IN
Near : Hotel Pradeep


SINCE: 2006

Varanasi Pasu Chikitsa Kendra houses skilled vet technicians and office staff who are dedicated to the pet’s healthcare and lifestyle. Besides various medical services they provide, they also have grooming services for the pets. Additionally, this well-known veterinary center provides client education sessions. The center is equipped with modern testing instruments. They maintain a clean & hygienic atmosphere.

Gynecology, Health Checkup, Ambulance Service, Veterinary Treatment, Blood Testing Facility, Vaccination, Immunization, General Medical Consultation, Etc.

TIMING: Sun : Closed
Rest all Days : 10:30am - 2pm, 5:30PM - 8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

You should take your pets to a veterinary hospital once a year for a regular checkup or if your pet starts behaving abnormally or is facing any difficulties or issues with their health.

All veterinarian doctors may perform surgery as part of their veterinary practice.

Usually veterinary doctors visit large animals such as sheep, cows, and horses. But in case of an emergency they also visit pets and other small animals.

Yes. All the doctors are well skilled and have years of experience in treating animals in the pet hospital.