5 Best Temples in Nashik , Maharashtra

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4.7 (9632)

Nirman Upavan C-3, Sita Gufaa Rd, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra - 422003, IN
Opposite to : Kalaram Temple East Door

Kalaram mandir is a temple in Nashik of Nashik district in Maharashtra, its deity is Shri Ram. It is a famous mandir situated in Panchavati area of the Nashik. The temple derives its name from a black statue of Lord Rama. The literal translation of kalaram is Black Rama. This temple is a sacred place where people can go to worship their god. It is a place for prayer, meditation, and reflection. This temple is a holy place where people can come to worship. It is typically used as a place of worship by adherents of that religion, and is a center for religious activity.

Devotion, Pooja, Darshan, Holistic Experience, Special Occasions, Very Nice Place, Structure.

TIMING: All Days : 5am - 10pm


4.5 (13679)

Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Gayakhe Colony, Nashik, Maharashtra - 422101, IN

Muktidham is a marble temple complex honouring various Hindu gods. It is a popular tourist attraction situated in the Nashik Road suburb of the city of Nashik in the State of Maharashtra. It is a place where they can pray and connect with the divine. It is a place for religious activities. This is a place of hope, offering a glimpse of the divine and helping people to connect with their higher purpose. The place is very peaceful and joyful environment especially during pooja feast.

Religious Site, Festivals, Place of Worship, Worship, Special Occasions, Devotion, Pooja, Festival Celebrations, Prasad & Aarati.

TIMING: All Days : 6am - 9:15pm


4.6 (3938)

Gangapur Road, Jalapur, Someshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra - 422002, IN

Shree Someshwar Temple is on the way to Gangapur dam, at a distance of 8km from central bus stand in Nashik. This Hindu temple honoring Lord Shiva also features scenic grounds & river boating also a beautiful temple complex on the bank of the Godavari. Hindu temple of lord Mahadev has very good atmosphere n surroundings. Vast area properly maintained. It’s really good place to visit with family.

Hindu Temple, Landmarks, Festivals, Poojas, Worship, Special Occasions, Devotion, Darshan, Structure, Special Events.

TIMING: All Days : 6am - 9pm


4.7 (3332)

Navshya Ganapati Parisar, Peshwe Colony, Anandvalli, Nashik, Maharashtra - 422013, IN

Shree Navshya Ganapati is located at Nashik on Gangapur-Someshwar road is a nice atmosphere temple also built in the 18th century. This Ganapati Hindu temple sits on the banks of the Godavari River. This temple is very famous holy place for Hindu Devotees. Navshya is Marathi word which means lord Ganesh will make your wish complete. People believe that it is the home of the gods. This is also a place where people can come to find peace and solace. This temple arena is very peaceful and so calm.

Special Occasions, Devotion, Pooja, Darshan, Holistic Experience, Very Nice Place, Structure, Hindu Temple, Landmarks, Festivals.

TIMING: All Days : 6am - 10pm


4.8 (2378)

Ramkund, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra - 422003, IN

Shree Kapaleshwar Mahadev Mandir is the temple of Lord Shiva in Nashik. The temple was an abode of a kind, hosting the serene view of the panchvati as the stairs lead you to a very scenic structure. It is a sacred space where people can go to connect with their deity or higher power. It is a place where people can come to feel closer to their god or gods. It is a place where people can go to pray and learn about their religion.

Events, Clean And Beautiful Place, Religious Organization, Festival Celebrations, Prasad, Aarati, Well Venerated Temple, Darshan, Structure.

TIMING: All Days : 6am - 11pm