5 Best Temples in Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh

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4.8 (6667)

Anandeshwar Mandir Rd, Permat, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208001, IN

This well-known, historical temple by the river is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Anandaswar Baba removes all sorrows. This temple is very beautiful, such a wonderful view is not seen anywhere on the banks of river Ganges. This temple extended and many god idols are their to worship.

Boating Available,
Parking Available,
Historical Place,
Beautiful Place,

TIMING: All Days : Open 24 hours


4.5 (12792)

GT Rd, Khyora, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208024, IN

SINCE: 1960

JK Temple (Juggilal Kamlapat temple) is a Hindu temple in the Indian city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is considered to be a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture. The mandapa of the temple has been constructed with high roof for adequate ventilation of light and air. The temple was constructed by JK Trust and major maintenance expenses of the temple also comes from the trust fund. The temple is also popularly known as Radhakrishna Temple.

Historical Place, Beautiful Place, Very Clean, Sufficient Lighting, Etc.


4.7 (7631)

Sri Sri Radha Madhava Mandir, Mainavati Marg, Bithoor Rd, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208002, IN

Peacefull and ambient temple with garden area. Other than that it was wonderful. Unlike some other Iskcon temples, this place really offered a divine feeling rather than the feeling of a shopping mall with a deity inside. The pictures depicts the complete life of Lord Krishna. The grounds serve a great picnic spot too. Eating corners were available too along with shops of herbal products.

Vedic Cultural Center, Spiritual, Educational, Architectural Landmark, Parking Available, Etc.

TIMING: All Days : 4:30am - 5:30am, 7:30am - 1pm & 4pm - 8:30pm


4.5 (4960)

Juhi Kalan, Juhi, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208014, IN

Bara Devi Temple is one the famous temple at Kanpur. It is an ancient temple, it is believed that the temple is 1700 years old and when the temple was built correctly, it is not known. The spiritual atmosphere of the temple gives peace of mind and heart to the devotees. In navratri, there is fair for children and this temple becomes very crowded.

Parking Available, Historical Place, Beautiful Environment, A Peaceful Place, Etc.

TIMING: Fri : 7pm - 12am
Sat : 12am - 8pm
Rest all Days : 7pm - 8am


4.7 (8443)

22a, Panki Mandir, Panki, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208020, IN

Panki Hanuman Temple or Panchmukhi Hanuman temple is a ancient temple on the outskirts of the city of Kanpur, near Panki Railway Station and is fully dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple draws lot of devotees from all over the country and their wishes are heard and fulfilled by the Lord.

Historical Place, Beautiful Place, Sufficient Lighting, Very Quite, A Peaceful Place, Etc.

TIMING: All Days : 5am - 12pm & 2pm - 10pm