5 Best Temples in Kalyan Dombivali , Maharashtra

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4.7 (2502)

Nehru Road, Pendse Nagar, Kalyan Dombivali, Maharashtra - 421201, IN

Shri Ganesh Mandir Sansthan is one of the oldest Ganesh Temples in Dombivli. The temple has gone through several renovations. It is a sacred space where people can come to connect with their faith and find guidance. It is a sacred space that is often used for ceremonies and rituals. People believe that it is the home of the gods. This place has a unique charm and spiritual ambiance. It's a must-visit for Ganesh devotees and anyone interested in cultural history.

Hindu Temple, Worship, Special Occasions, Devotion, Darshan, Festivals, Poojas.

TIMING: All Days : 6am - 1:30pm & 2:30pm - 10pm


4.6 (215)

Khambalpada, New Kalyan Road, Kalyan Dombivali, Maharashtra - 421301, IN

Ayyappa Temple is a place of worship, typically a building or edifice, dedicated to the gods or other supernatural beings of a religion in Dombivali. It is a place of reverence and respect. A pleasant and peaceful temple. Has a variety of idols. They also offer lots of different types of poojas. The location makes it easily accessible from Kalyan Road. It is a sacred place where they can come to pray and connect with their god.

Special Events, Worship, Historical Place, Shakti, Festival Celebration, Spiritual Place, Pooja.


4.6 (20)

Pisavli Village, Kalyan Dombivali, Maharashtra - 421306, IN

Gaondevi Mata Temple is a nice temple and very peaceful place in Dombivli. This temple is a sacred place where people can go to worship their god. It is a place for prayer, meditation, and reflection. This temple is a holy place where people can come to worship. It is typically used as a place of worship by adherents of that religion, and is a center for religious activity.

Religious Site, Festivals, Place of Worship, Worship, Special Occasions, Devotion, Pooja, Festival Celebrations, Prasad & Aarati.

TIMING: All Days : Open 24 hours