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4.6 (14)

House No 2030, Sector 12, Party 1, Sonipat, Haryana - 131001, IN
Opposite to : Ece Factory

There are two types of Karma, one is Sanchit Karma and the other is Unsanchit Karma. One karma is that which they are doing today and the other karma is that which they are born to enjoy, that is, they are born in this world only to enjoy the karmas of the previous birth. He believe that a small child is born to a laborer and another is born to a billionaire. One gets nothing by birth and a child travels on planes as soon as he is born. Under which the health, wealth, prestige, happiness, education, disease, marital status, suffering, luck, field of work, wealth, prosperity, profit loss, lawsuit, foreign travel etc. are determined for those two children.

Health and Disease, Wealth, Prestige, Material Happiness, Marriage, Love Relationship, Education, Business.


5.0 (10)

Model Town, Sonipat, Haryana - 131001, IN

SINCE: 2010

Astropoint is a renowned astrologer in Model Town, Sonipat. She has been delivering expert services in Astrology science since 2010. Astropoint’s behavior is very polite and friendly, listens to the problems very sincerely and by various means gets a better understanding firstly before giving off any suggestions. Most visitors found her suggestions very helpful in coming out of the unfavourable situations by keeping up hope during those tough times. Consultation and other charges are reasonable.

Numerologists, Vastu Shastra Consultants, Vedic Astrologer, Love Problem.

TIMING: Sat : Open 24 hours
Mon : 10am - 7:30pm
Rest all Days : 9am - 6:30pm


5.0 (14)

Old DC Rd, Anand Nagar, Sonipat, Haryana - 131001, IN

Vastu and Astro by Nitish is one of the popular and knowledgeable astrologers in Anand Nagar, Sonipat. His expertise in various types of astrological problems includes vastu shastra, love-relation-marriage problems, health problems, career problems and many more. Vastu and Astro by Nitish’s behaviour, experience, methods & guidance makes him a priority for most people in and around Sonipat. Fees and other charges are competitive.

Vastu Consultancy, Astrology, Aura Scanning Gemstones, Tarot Reader, Candle Healer.


TIMING: All Days : Open 24 hours


5.0 (6)

B-31, Apex Green Apartments, Sonipat, Haryana - 131001, IN

Astrologer Poonam Bhardwaj is one of the renowned astrologers in Sonipat. His field of expertise includes various types of astrological problems like Vastu shastra, love & relationship problems, health problems, career troubles and many more. The Doctor's charge is affordable and accepts various payment methods. According to customers, he is very knowledgeable and explains things in good ways and his advice and suggestions have been accurate.

Predictions, Remedies, Vastu, Lal Kitab, Vedic, Numerology, Reiki, Matchmaking.

TIMING: All Days : 10am - 5pm


5.0 (4)

219/23 Krishana Nagar, Kath Mandi, Sonipat, Haryana - 131001, IN

Anubhav jyotish anusthan kendra is a well-known astrologer in Kath Mandi, Sonipat. Patients recommend him because he solves various types of problems with his very different and modern ways of remedy. Anubhav jyotish anusthan kendra tries to understand the patient’s current standing by various approaches and gets to the solutions very effectively. The consultation fees and other costs are reasonable.

Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Kundali Match Making, Birth Chart, Gemstones Advice, Career, Horoscope, Career, Kundali Making, Marriage, Health, Gemstones.

TIMING: Thu : Open 24 hours
Rest all Days : 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology is like a road sign on the road of your life. Those who read the road signs stand a better chance and may have a smoother ride.

The foundation of astrology is the theory of Karma or rebirth. The horoscope of an individual is an information system showing the debit and credit of the past life.

Astrologers talk about other people’s characteristics and also predict their future. Whereas an Astrologist is more concentrated on how changes are happening in outer space.